What’s worse than ‘no comment’? ‘I’m eating my cookie’

Here’s a brilliant example of what happens when a chief executive who’s not been media trained meets the press.

News.com.au reports that the chief exec in question – the Australian Dr Stephen Duckett – has been let go by the Canadian health service as a result of the bizarre cookie-fixated exchange going viral.


  1. Marshy
    25 Nov 10
    2:29 pm

  2. I see a meme developing.

  3. Goober
    25 Nov 10
    2:39 pm

  4. Wow, that guy’s got a real chocolate chip on his shoulder.

  5. Annette
    25 Nov 10
    2:46 pm

  6. Oh God, just makes you cringe on so many levels!
    You sure it wasn’t one of those candid camera things?

  7. Bon Vivant
    25 Nov 10
    2:51 pm

  8. He looks remarkably like Ronnie Barker.

  9. Chris
    25 Nov 10
    2:52 pm

  10. “I’m eating my cookie” was the only way he knew how to Duckett……

  11. Tom
    25 Nov 10
    2:53 pm

  12. To quote a YouTube comment, “That’s the way the cookie crumbles.”

  13. Chris
    25 Nov 10
    2:54 pm

  14. Shouldn’t he have said “I’m eating my biscuit” ?

  15. Brumo
    25 Nov 10
    2:54 pm

  16. That really takes the biscuit

  17. Nate
    25 Nov 10
    2:58 pm

  18. Nope, I’m with the cookie monster… if there was a media address scheduled for just 30 minutes later, what’s the problem with asking these parasites with cameras to just stop harassing him while he has a goddamn snack?

    When has HOUNDING someone like that every got “the media” an answer to a question? no they do it deliberately harassing people, chasing them out of buildings into the street, with the express aim to provoke exactly this kind of behavior, NOT to actually get an honest answer, so they can show it off “ooh look how evasive he is! he must be hiding something naughty”. They’re self-important little pricks.

  19. D1CK0
    25 Nov 10
    3:06 pm

  20. Bet he feels pretty crummy now.

  21. D1CK0
    25 Nov 10
    3:09 pm

  22. Now that he’s been sacked, what’s he going to do for dough?

  23. D1CK0
    25 Nov 10
    3:13 pm

  24. His career is macarooined!

  25. Tom
    25 Nov 10
    3:26 pm

  26. Nate – I think the thing is when you’re a CEO in a tricky position you should probably treat the situation with the gravity it deserves. He doesn’t need to respond with anything more than a “I’m sorry I have no comment until the media address” and variations on “I hope the media address in 30 minutes should address your questions”. Going on about his cookie and claiming that’s his response to their questions shows someone incapable of being the public face of a company.

  27. hello_emily
    25 Nov 10
    3:53 pm

  28. They should get him to host SNL!


  29. glen
    25 Nov 10
    3:56 pm

  30. Overloading “I’m eating my cookie” with expressions of frustration — so the phrase is expressed in a way that conveys a particular affective tenor — is typical of poor top-down management

  31. David
    25 Nov 10
    4:02 pm

  32. Anyone want to run a book on how long a rap version of this gets cut?

  33. Din Mittelschrift
    25 Nov 10
    4:04 pm

  34. Smart move waving his cookie in the journo’s face.

    I bet she gave him good coverage.

  35. DS
    25 Nov 10
    4:08 pm

  36. If only every question in life could be answered by biscuits…

  37. Jess Prive
    25 Nov 10
    4:16 pm

  38. omg. leave the poor bloke alone. completely agree with Nate on this one. clearly theres an advertising opp for the cookie company here though.

  39. Allison Lee
    25 Nov 10
    4:25 pm

  40. This is a insensitive response from a CEO to a broader health issue. Now it will go viral and Stephen Duckett will be dogged with the clip for the rest of his career. I wonder if there’s a health authority in the world that would want to employ him. To quote Scott Monty of Ford, “what happens in Vegas, stays on google”

  41. Bruce Andrews
    25 Nov 10
    4:29 pm

  42. With a scheduled press conference in 30 minutes, this was unnecessarily intrusive harassment by news crews. On the bright side, perhaps it’s got him out of those bleak Canadian winters and he can enjoy his cookies back in the sunshine Down Under.

  43. spot
    25 Nov 10
    4:31 pm

  44. “Can’t I just finish my waffle?”

  45. Cookie Monster
    25 Nov 10
    5:00 pm

  46. Nate:- I think the point was he was not going to actually be at the “media scrum” (his own condescending term). CEOs need to be accountable and respectful…he came across as smug and uncaring – not what you want in the healthcare biz!

  47. Tim Tam
    25 Nov 10
    11:31 pm

  48. Clearly the media can’t read. Otherwise they would have been waiting at the press conference to fire their questions. Sure he handled it poorly, but not as poorly as the fourth estate.

  49. Dan Harvey
    26 Nov 10
    1:44 am

  50. It may have been a good cookie, but he should have seen this for what it was – an opportunity to get his message across. Whether he liked it or not, the media wanted to hear from him and he should have taken advantage of the situtation.

  51. richard
    26 Nov 10
    2:59 am

  52. Pravie
    26 Nov 10
    9:25 am

  53. Let the poor man eat his cookie, for gods sake!

    The media needs to learn to show respect towards ppl; and exercise responsibility when wielding their power.

    I say everyone should start using that phrase to tell the intrusive media tools to rack off!

  54. GH
    26 Nov 10
    11:09 am

  55. Ouch

  56. Luke Alexander
    26 Nov 10
    12:42 pm

  57. Absolute gold. I’ve just ordered a truck load of cookies so will never have to talk to media again. Why didn’t someone think of this mouth watering solution earlier!