When PR people lip synch

Now the thing that Dr Mumbo most loves about public relations agencies is when they start thinking about their own PR, and generally lose all insight in the process.

Which is why the PR gods offer up wonders like this, from US agency Brookline PR which likes to “surprise and delight” its clients.

What could possibly go wrong? Surprise, yes. Delight, no.

(Hat-tip: Gawker)


  1. Baffled
    2 Jul 12
    9:23 am

  2. Two questions, what the hell is this? and why?!

  3. Anonymous
    2 Jul 12
    10:37 am

  4. Surely this is career suicide.

  5. hmm
    2 Jul 12
    10:45 am

  6. Seen enough of these from Leo’s Sydney, Mindshare Amsterdam, Oglivy etc. People having a bit of fun – self indulgent and demented maybe, but just a bit of fun none-the-less.

  7. Samantha Drake
    2 Jul 12
    10:50 am

  8. Why?! is definitely the big question here.

  9. Janine
    2 Jul 12
    10:52 am

  10. Brookline – proving PR people can’t dance?

  11. Lucio
    2 Jul 12
    11:04 am

  12. OMG! excellent case for focus-grouping.

  13. Nina
    2 Jul 12
    11:35 am

  14. ROFL!
    Surprise, yes. Delight, er, I don’t think so.

  15. Alli
    2 Jul 12
    11:47 am

  16. As a former PR all I can say is EEEK! Please explain why, as a client, this would make me want to employ this agency? Agree with Samantha, the question certainly is WHY?

  17. Kool-Aid Repairman
    2 Jul 12
    11:48 am

  18. I think they need an urgent service call. They seem to have drunk their own Kool-Aid dry.

  19. Confused
    2 Jul 12
    11:49 am

  20. I think I am dumber now for watching that. WTF!

  21. Dennis Rutzou
    2 Jul 12
    11:52 am

  22. What a bunch of knocking negative comments. In my book they deserve praise and congratulations for doing something different.
    It sure cut through the clutter for me. I even liked the camera effects and the dancing.

  23. Liz
    2 Jul 12
    12:14 pm

  24. This is mortifying. It’s not been a good few weeks for PR’s….

  25. Meljay
    2 Jul 12
    12:57 pm

  26. Nobody, not one person, said “are we sure about this?” “Should we turn our early morning dance class into a vid for clients?” Nobody said, “that didn’t turn out so well, in fact it’s really shite, so let’s keep it in house?”
    Toe curling and bad.

  27. Tia
    2 Jul 12
    2:43 pm

  28. Fun? For sure. Professional and evidence of a strategic approach to your work, umm, no. It did make me laugh (with embarassment) though. It was also particularly funny to note on the profile for Shauna, the agency principal “If Shauna was not in public relations she would be a rock star.” I wouldn’t be living out my fantasies via a promotional video for my business.

  29. Anonymous
    2 Jul 12
    2:52 pm

  30. oh stop it mr grinch.

  31. archie
    2 Jul 12
    3:29 pm

  32. any opportunity to put the boot into PRs, eh Tim?

  33. Melanie King
    2 Jul 12
    5:59 pm

  34. Mortifying, indeed. To what end? Unless their clients are pink cowboy boot manufacturers and dangly earrings

  35. Neocube champ
    3 Jul 12
    10:12 am

  36. Made me smile…

  37. shocked
    3 Jul 12
    11:14 am

  38. OH look – it is the smug superior ad types having a go at the PR types AGAIN – gee it is getting tired and dull Mumbrella…

  39. Not sure
    3 Jul 12
    1:56 pm

  40. At first I went GAK! But then it did make me smile – not sure if it was delight or embarrassment.
    Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea (I for one am glad I’m not in an agency that makes me wear pink spandex and dance!), but I’m sure there must be a bunch of potential clients out there looking for stunts or other such ideas that might think this is cool.

  41. Spindoctor
    3 Jul 12
    3:42 pm

  42. Been in PR 30 years and while I applaud something different (and liked the clip for what it was – a bit of fun) I can’t see how it would attract any client, or even help to keep those that this agency has.

  43. Aideen
    3 Jul 12
    5:43 pm

  44. Not only is this quite embarrassing, it’s also a rip off of great US entrepreneur Maria Forleo’s video http://marieforleo.com/resources/music-videos/ (check out the first clip)