Who you gonna call? Sperm busters

Nice to see that mX is maintaining its standards and not just accepting any old creative.  

Dr Mumbo agrees with his tipster Brad Richardson that the “Joe Cool sperm logo” is the highlight. And vaguely reminiscent of Ghostbusters too. Altogether now… “I ain’t afraid of no sperm…”



  1. Tom Dodson
    28 May 09
    12:02 pm

  2. DR Snip…. thats the funniest and cringe-worthy thing i have ever seen.

  3. Brad
    29 May 09
    12:08 pm

  4. It was disturbing thing to see on an average train journey home.

    1) Would you get a vasectomy in Keysborough?
    2) It was on the ‘Juice’ page. Not good.
    3) Are they missing 50% of the readership with their targeting?

  5. Anna
    29 May 09
    12:51 pm

  6. It’s irreverant and funny – just what ads about vasectomies should be (from a chick’s perspective, anyway)

    However, if there’s no scalpel, why call yourself Dr. Snip?

  7. KimberleyL
    29 May 09
    4:02 pm

  8. I’m laughing so hard but it feels kind of wrong… Always open for some humour in advertising (hmmm…even THAT sounds wrong!).

    Agree with Anna – Should be Dr No-Snip

  9. Brad
    29 May 09
    5:17 pm

  10. Or Dr. No Slip at the very least.