Why wait for your tabloid SMH

Fairfax may not be moving to tabloid size SMH and the Age until March next year (if you believe what it told the ASX), but group buying site Living Social has got there first.

For $44 you can get a “tabloid size front page newspaper print”, just like the real thing. And, just like the real thing, delivery is included. A broadsheet version will cost you a premium $60. Perhaps it also reflects the organisation’s new premium pricing strategy.

tabloid smh


  1. gavin
    25 Jul 12
    10:03 am

  2. When they say delivery included, does that mean they’ll throw it over the fence at 6am and wake the whole household?

  3. Anonymous
    25 Jul 12
    10:19 pm

  4. The front page prints have have been around for years. News Ltd do them too.