Woolies unveils new ‘apple’ logo

woolworthsRetail giant Woolworths is today beginning the roll out of its new logo, apparently based on a peeled apple. The 85-year-old company will gradually put it it out across its stores.

The new logo, first unvelied in August, is a radical departure for the chain, including changing its dominant colour from red to green. Speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald, marketing boss Luke Dunkerley said: “We believe it expresses in its own graphic way our commitment to fresh food in a way that the logo that it superceded doesn’t.”


  1. nextbrett
    12 Jan 09
    9:29 am

  2. Hey Tim,

    Down in Victoria we’ve had a store that had this branding on it around November 08. Personally as lackluster as the old logo was – it was strong, dominant and iconic.

    I am guessing they are trying to represent “fresh food people” in a modern looking logo but to me it doesn’t actually say anything unique about Woolies. But – I am more than willing to change my mind – perhaps an overall strategy change which embodies a contemporary and relevant attitude could do this. Not holding my breath though.

  3. stickyads
    12 Jan 09
    4:36 pm

  4. Tim,

    I’m not a big fan of changing logo’s unless there is very good reason and I don’t see any with Woolies redesign.

    It has been know for senior executives to mistake redesigning a logo for branding!

    But, only time will tell if they are correct.


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