Worrying Wednesday for Big Bang Theory

Nine’s The Big Bang Theory, which was looking like a viable replacement for Two And A Half Men, is showing worrying signs of decline, slipping further beneath the psychologically important million-mark last night.

According to preliminary overnight metro ratings from OzTam, the US sitcom dropped to 0.883m viewers, down from 1m+ just a fortnight ago, and out of the top ten most-watched shows.

Not for the first time, not a single Nine or Ten show recorded more than 1m viewers. Ten’s The Biggest Loser was closest, with 0.978m, and squeezed into the top five.

Seven’s Today Tonight and Nine’s A Current Affair, which were embroiled in a plagiarism scrap this week, both saw ratings slide slightly compared to last week.

The night was Seven’s once again, with 25.9% share.

Wednesday’s top 15 shows:

  1. My Kitchen Rules Seven 1.333m
  2. Seven News Seven 1.190m
  3. Criminal Minds Seven 1.170m
  4. Today Tonight Seven 1.144m
  5. The Biggest Loser Ten 0.978m
  6. Nine News Nine 0.974m
  7. ABC News ABC 0.945m
  8. Home and Away Seven 0.940m
  9. A Current Affair Nine 0.921m
  10. The Farmer Wants A Wife Nine 0.919m
  11. The Big Bang Theory Nine 0.883m
  12. City Homicide Seven 0.791m
  13. The 7PM Project Ten 0.754m
  14. Ten News (5pm) Ten 0.740m
  15. Mike and Molly Nine 0.701m

Wednesday’s share:

  • Seven: 25.9%
  • Nine: 21.2%
  • Ten: 15.0%
  • ABC1: 12.0%
  • 7TWO 4.4%
  • 7mate: 3.7%
  • Eleven: 3.7%
  • SBS1: 3.6%
  • Gem: 2.6%
  • GO!: 2.4%
  • ABC2: 1.8%
  • One: 1.2%
  • ABC News 24: 0.9%
  • SBS2: 0.9%
  • ABC3: 0.6%


  1. jean cave
    24 Mar 11
    2:14 pm

  2. Brilliant quirky humour could be beginning to have less bang when oft repeated

  3. Stacey
    24 Mar 11
    2:40 pm

  4. Agreed – I used to love 2 and a half men before it was on at least once every single day.. i hope they don’t ruin BBT too!

  5. Ghost of Perry Kacker
    24 Mar 11
    2:45 pm

  6. Nine have got previous for this.

    Millionnaire rated so they stuck it on every signle night. They burnt it out.

    Remember when Gordon Ramsay was on three times a week? They soon burnt out Kitchen Nightmares.

    Then Two & A Half Men.

    Now Big Bang.

  7. Thomas Dodson
    24 Mar 11
    3:45 pm

  8. No, your problem is that i liked it so much i bought the series online. Why watch it on commercial tv?

  9. jeroen
    24 Mar 11
    4:20 pm

  10. They show the episodes out of order and all over the place… And in the USA the season is already over (great season). And here they are just half way.