Wunderman puts Earth Hour in consumers’ hands – and hides a Death Star

DM and digital agency Wunderman has created an “augmented reality” digital media project to promote Earth Hour.  

The application allows consumers to download a piece of software and use their webcam to appear to be holding the Earth in the palm of their hand:


“It’s a great metaphor for the frailty of our planet in human hands,” said Wunderman Creative Director Matt Batten.

Earth Hour takes place this coming Saturday.

(Update: See our comments section for news on the Death Star feature also hidden within the programme. A video appears below:)


  1. Anonymous
    25 Mar 09
    1:49 pm

  2. Apparently theres also some easter egg cheat codes

    when using the site, click on your video and type in ‘deathstar’ or ‘moon’. twitter reckons theres a bunch of cheats and there all round objects like balls

  3. Anonymous
    25 Mar 09
    2:04 pm

  4. poxmo14

    hey i just found one by typing in golf.

  5. Peter
    25 Mar 09
    3:16 pm

  6. Ten out of ten for innovation. But only a three for practicality. I don’t think many people will actually participate in the augmented reality, but well done Wunderman for pushing the creative boundaries.

  7. Wunderman Sydney
    26 Mar 09
    12:30 pm

  8. @ Peter

    Thank you for your praise. As for the practicality, within 24 hours the site registered over 2,000 users and after one week 5,500 visitors had spent an average of 2.5 minutes (high statistics for online activity which indicates people are using the actual AR interface).

  9. Spoo
    26 Mar 09
    4:50 pm

  10. The deathstar is awesome. Well done Funderman.

  11. Uri
    27 Mar 09
    10:03 am

  12. So far I have found golf, beachball, moon, cricket and basketball.

    But deathstar is the coolest.

  13. Convexx
    27 Mar 09
    10:15 am

  14. So, there all round things. I wonder how many there are?

  15. jodee2601
    27 Mar 09
    12:20 pm

  16. Cool,
    I found an eye in the view me bit and it had my name sticking out of the back of it – freaky

  17. GHandley
    27 Mar 09
    12:30 pm

  18. Well done Wunderman team! AR is a fantastic platform and we need more great campaigns rolled out like this. We’ve been rolling out AR campaigns on mobile for a few years now – but its generally (and mistakenly as the results show above) seen as too bleeding edge and for show only – only with more and more great campaigns like this will we really continue to bring the future into today.

  19. Zac Martin
    27 Mar 09
    12:35 pm

  20. Don’t forget soccer!

  21. Chris
    27 Mar 09
    12:41 pm

  22. Found a youtube clip….. Of the death star


  23. mumbrella
    27 Mar 09
    1:21 pm

  24. Thanks, Chris. I’ve embedded the video, above.


    Tim – Mumbrella

  25. Shania
    27 Mar 09
    10:05 pm

  26. Well done Wunderman….love the work Peace

  27. Chris
    31 Mar 09
    12:10 pm

  28. We’ve all seen this technology being used before, this is hardly anything new, different or inspiring. As far as being a great metaphor, it more like another bad pun. Anyone else care to try and win awards off Leo Burnett’s ORIGINAL thinking?


  29. Boris
    31 Mar 09
    4:55 pm

  30. Besides the fact that this idea cashes in on another agency’s creative idea, I’m not exactly sure what I’m meant to do with this. Nor do I think it would really interest anyone other than the authors. Despite all this, I can’t wait to read the COMPELLING case study and have explained to me the cutting-edge (or should I say, years old) technology presented in a fresh (seen it) and relevant (could this be the worst pun in history?) way. Time for a creative health check people.