Yellow Pages pushes app that makes your wishes come true

Yellow Pages has created a new ad to promote its app for mobile devices which locates businesses.

The “Tick” ad features a man whose gate falls over and then finds a repairman on his app. Excited, he uses it for bigger ambitions including finding a hairdresser, dentist, a suit, a marching band and a pony.

A 45 second version of the ad debuts on free to air and pay TV from Sunday night, with a 15 second version to air in following weeks and is scheduled to run until June.

According to the announcement from Sensis, Clemenger BBDO provided “creative direction” for the ad.


  1. matt
    25 Jan 13
    8:31 am

  2. wrong ad Mumbrella

  3. mumbrella
    25 Jan 13
    8:36 am

  4. Thanks Matt – sorted.


    Tim – Mumbrella

  5. Realistic
    25 Jan 13
    9:23 am

  6. And yet we all still continue to use Google

  7. Lucio
    25 Jan 13
    9:53 am

  8. Make my wishes come true Yellow Pages: stop throwing the bloody books over my fence every year – I don’t want the damned things!!!

  9. James
    25 Jan 13
    1:06 pm

  10. Off track I know, but it still puzzles me why I get charged to NOT be listed in the White Pages.

    The whole directory thing is an anachronism in search of a workable business model. @realistic is spot on. I don’t go to Yellow pages to search, I google, and on extremely rare occasions, yellow pages may be the only relevant result.

  11. Mark W
    25 Jan 13
    2:12 pm

  12. Its a great app, but the marketing of it comes way to late. And stop sending me the bloody books too!

  13. Service Central
    25 Jan 13
    3:27 pm

  14. The Yellow Pages marketing spend seems way down. They used to be one of the nations biggest marketers, however since the demise of their book they seem to have dramatically cut back their expenditure.

    I wonder if this ad will get only a short run, or whether they will go back to the heady days of big $$$ advertising.

    Also, its great to see that they are finally advertising to consumers again. It seems like the last 12 months has been nothing but ads trying to get advertisers to start using them again.

  15. Alberto V
    25 Jan 13
    3:33 pm

  16. Yes, light bulb for YP, wow they finally are alive and going beyond the 60s ??? Next step get rid of your overpriced and antiquated awkward books, and save a million trees on the way.

  17. Mike
    25 Jan 13
    5:44 pm

  18. Lucio
    26 Jan 13
    9:44 am

  19. Thanks Mike – done. Unfortunately only for 3 years. Wonder why I need to unsubscribe to a service I’ve never signed up for though. We don’t even have a landline to the property. Any tips on unsolicited local newspapers?