Young director looks to break into commercial world, ‘Australia’s film industry needs to become self sufficient’

One of Australia’s most promising young film-makers is looking to break into the commercial world, and has said that it is currently tough to find funding for film projects.

Christopher Haysom was recently named Best Young Australian Filmmaker 2012 at the Byron Film International Film Festival for his short film Better on the Inside. The film will be the only Australian representative at this year’s London International Documentary Festival.

He told Encore: “It’s difficult to find funding for film projects, although it’s not difficult to find a good crew. It’s easier to find commercial work, and I’m looking to move more in that direction if the right opportunity comes up.”

Haysom has worked on commercial projects before, through BWS&A Productions on brands such as food chain Fizzler.

The 22-year old is currently working on a film based on his girlfriend’s brother, who has Asperger’s syndrome. He is working with Do It Now Productions.

On the current state of the film industry, Haysom said: “Australia’s film industry needs to become more self sufficient. Everyone’s talking about Wolverine, but I think our industry needs to create more work for itself rather than rely on films coming over here from overseas.”


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