Y&R global boss David Sable: Australia still matters to us, and things will improve for Campaign Palace

Young & Rubican’s new global CEO David Sable has told Mumbrella that although he’s an American replacing an Aussie, the company’s Australian operation will remain a key part of his focus.

It was announced in February that Hamish McLennan would be relinquishing the global role to return to Australia.  

Sable said: “Australians – don’t worry. You’re as important as ever – maybe even more important, maybe I have to overcompensate.”

Sable also accepted that the group’s Australian operation, which includes GPY&R and the troubled Campaign Palace is in a tough position.

Last month Mumbrella’s survey of perceptions and performance of Australia’s top 30 agencies saw The Campaign Palace come bottom.

Sable said: “It’s a cyclical business. I think they hit a rough patch. We’re focused on it. Keep you eyes on it over the next year. That cycle’s going to change.”

Sable also set a target of 70% local business to 30% globally-aligned clients for his agencies.


  1. Oscar
    8 Jul 11
    10:01 am

  2. If an Australian with an American accent can convince us to bank, I’m sure an American with an American accent will do just fine

  3. AdGrunt
    8 Jul 11
    2:15 pm

  4. I guess David has to be somewhat guarded in his comments, since the rot at Y&R Brands in Australia started on his predecessor’s watch.