ZO launches standardised Facebook reporting

Zenith Optimedia has launched a monthly report aiming to standardise Facebook metrics.

The report is pulled from a new platform built by the media agency globally in partnership with Facebook, and uses the social network’s own API. Zenith Optimedia is the only media agency to currently have access to Facebook’s API.

The repost classifies over 400 Australian Facebook pages, dividing them into 18 sectors.

The first monthly report found that hotels were the sector with greatest engagement with fans, while television shows such as Big Brother were still generating the most chatter, even after the show finished.

Aaron Michie, chief innovation officer at Zenith Optimedia told Mumbrella: “If social media does nothing else, it certainly manages to create a tidal wave of data that sounds impressive, but often varies hugely and isn’t clearly tied back to why businesses are there in the first place.”

“What we’re setting out to do with Social Charts is to provide a reliable, standardised monthly report on how Australia’s branded Facebook pages (we’ll be adding other platforms over time) are performing against consistent metrics relevant to business: audience size, active portion of audience, level of total talk and engagement generated by each post.”

“Rather than trying to pull together something reliable and accurate from a social data firehose, we focus on filtering and refining what we track to provide a dependable view of the Australian branded Facebook world every month,” he said.



  1. Sceptical
    18 Dec 12
    2:45 pm

  2. “access to Facebook’s API” means one of two things… Either they’re just using the data available through the public API (which it looks like they are) OR they’re accessing individual page analytics that aren’t available through the public API.

    If it’s the former, this is not new or newsworthy. It’s an infograhic of publicly available data.

    If it’s the latter, then Facebook is giving access to private data to a third party. Which is a big, big deal, but not for reasons that reflect at all positively on ZO.

  3. bored
    18 Dec 12
    3:37 pm

  4. social data firehose? really?

  5. Supportive
    18 Dec 12
    4:19 pm

  6. @Sceptical… bitter and twisted? If the former, perhaps a holiday would ease your pain? If the latter, a visit to the psych may be more in order. Or perhaps it’s both… in which case you’re farked

  7. What's the answer..?
    18 Dec 12
    4:39 pm

  8. I think @Sceptical asks a good question.

    Is it the former, or the latter..?

  9. Disgusted
    18 Dec 12
    4:42 pm

  10. This post is totally misleading and inaccurate. Not sure why such false information is being posted. They are just using publicly available API to draw this infographic which doesn’t really give any insights.

    Hope you guys don’t publish such BS in the future.

  11. Anon
    18 Dec 12
    5:52 pm

  12. so what they are saying is one size fits all

  13. Skip Intro
    18 Dec 12
    6:35 pm

  14. How is this any different to what SocialBakers do? They also do the ‘top-of-the-pops’ charts, and have more categories.

    I hope ZO said ‘thank you!’ to Mumbrella for the advertorial.

  15. Con Frantzeskos
    19 Dec 12
    12:18 am

  16. SocialBakers.com is more detailed than this. Nice try though, ZO. At least one media outlet took the bait.

  17. The Million $ Man
    19 Dec 12
    10:29 am

  18. F*^k, why are there so many pessimists in this industry. No I don’t work for ZO though happy to read something that they are doing, even if someone is also activating a similar approach. I think everyone needs a Xmas holiday for such a cynical industry.