Eagle Boys: our pizzas are bigger than Domino’s

Eagle Boys, Australia’s second largest pizza maker, is attempting to expose the smaller sized pizza of its bigger rival with a campaign that shows a Domino’s pizza box – with pixellated logo still clearly visible – placed inside an Eagle Boys box.

Eagle Boys group executive marketing Christine Hooper said the campaign was based on commissioned research that found that consumers were effectively being robbed of an extra slice of pizza.

“Three years ago Eagle Boys proved that competing pizza chains were pulling the wool over consumers’ eyes when it came to pizza size, only to now find that some multinationals are repeat offenders and haven’t cleaned up their act,” Hooper said.

“Some of our chain competitors like Domino’s are still providing cheap prices but giving customers small, under-topped pizzas, and it has to stop.”

The campaign includes a video element, created by Publicis Mojo Brisbane, shot in the style of a YouTube video.

The print work was by Fuse Partners, media by Zenith Optimedia and digital created inhouse.

The campaign follows the day after news of a Hawaiian-themed flash mob arranged by Domino’s.



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