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Post Producer (Full Time)

FINCH & NAKATOMI are looking for a fantastic post producer.

We solve hard problems. We’ve been helping close the gender inequality gap in engineering; asking people to become a giant squid and save the world; producing gorgeous visuals to drive blood donations.

At the core of the solution to all these hard problems is rad and incredibly creative team.

The fun thing about working here is your part in the team is integral. Everyone has the agency to create, make and build.

You are the glue that binds the team, the Flame that burns against the cold, the light that brings the dawn… you get the idea.

There are some essential qualities you’d need to have;

– You’ll have 2+ years experience in the post world.
– Amazing initiative.
– You’re a nice person.
– Attention to detail.
– You know how to bid things
– You’re familiar with Flame and the people who make it do good things.
– Workflow is your third favourite word.
– Computers don’t scare you.

Since we are pretty picky about getting the right people, you’ll do an interview and then a quick aptitude test. Don’t let that freak you out, we are also nice. The aptitude test will involve some bidding and workflow questions.

Please contact andy@finchcompany.com


The Finch Company


Please contact andy@finchcompany.com



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