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Mumbrella Pro is the most extensive collection of audio, video, presentations and more from the range of Mumbrella events including Mumbrella360. It also includes an extensive directory of brands, agencies, media owners and industry professionals.

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Mumbrella The Source now exists inside Mumbrella Pro as the Directory, with an updated look and feel and more accurate information. But as ever, if you see any information that needs changing, please drop us a line.

How is Mumbrella Pro different to The Source?

The directory component of Mumbrella Pro is just part of the offering now. On top of that you will have access to great audio, video, presentations, case studies and more from the collection of Mumbrella’s latest industry-leading media and marketing events.

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Every business day. The team at Mumbrella Pro are continually updating the database to reflect the most recent changes and uploading new content from its collection of leading industry events.

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