Dynamic Duos: Half Dome’s Joe and Tom Frazer

In this week's Dynamic Duos, Mumbrella spoke to Half Dome's managing partner and head of growth Joe Frazer and managing partner and general manager Tom Frazer about how the brothers' close friendship has evolved into a successful agency, founded alongside friend Will Harms.

In Dynamic Duos, Mumbrella each week asks two members of the same organisation with a professional and personal affiliation to share with readers the importance of workplace relationships in an increasingly hybridised world of work.

Joe Frazer: The sun was shining on the 21st of August when I blessed a then 18-month-old Tom with my presence.

Those early years were tough for the poor fella, with our parents committing to a bowl cut early in the piece for Tom, whilst preferring more of a natural look for his younger brother. These developmental years undoubtedly have had an impact on Tom, with his ensuing style continuing in turn, only recently seeing an uptick on the back of strict intervention from his wife, and my sister-in-law.

In all seriousness, Tom’s my brother – we were 18 months apart growing up, but for all intents and purposes, we are basically twins – and one could argue the connection actually goes deeper than that. Our friendship group is the same, we recently asked to give a co-best men speech at a mates wedding, Tom was a Toolie on my Schoolies, and we both have little daughters and are due with our second – within a week of each other no less. The fact we were fortunate enough to start Half Dome together with our close friend Will Harms is just the footnote in our relationship to date.

One thing we have done well as we embarked on this journey of working together, is maintain a strong relationship outside of work. We find a way to watch Dees wins regularly, and whether it be a friendship event, or a family event, we do pretty well to avoid work chat where possible (don’t fact check that with mum and dad though).

In the office, Tom and I compliment each other well. From the early days, Tom, coming from a banking background, had a different outlook and different priorities. It was this daily clash of ideas that was the secret to our early success and since then I have continued to learn off Tom daily about how to actually run a business. I think he has picked up a thing or two about how to be a good marketer from me as well!


Tom Frazer: Being brothers, this one is pretty obvious! I think the really special thing about our relationship is that we have always been best mates, but being best mates (and brothers) does not always mean you’ll be good business partners. Having a couple of pints at the pub is not the same as creating a successful business together.

We’ve had all the usual fights and disagreements both growing up, and more recently in the workplace, but it is a deep underlying level of respect for each other, understanding each other’s strengths and weaknesses and always being able to be super vulnerable that shines through. I’ve never had more fun, and would not want to be standing next to anyone else on this journey.

It still surprises me that we have the ability to switch seamlessly between work and play, and it’s probably one of the things I like most about the groove we have found. We have a close family and similar friendship circles, and I love spending time with Joe at the footy or Joe at Family Christmas, as much as Joe in the boardroom. He has an ability to be his playful and energetic self in any of these situations, and no doubt why people are drawn to him as a super infectious, fun-loving Dees supporter. And I’m no different.

When I think about what the next chapters of our lives hold, I’m sure lots will change, but am even more confident that our relationship will remain a key constant, of which I couldn’t be more happy about!

Tom Frazer, Joe Frazer and Will Harms

Joe on Tom:

Most memorable moment with Tom: Before we started Half Dome, Tom, Will and myself went on an 8 week road trip through America, living out of a shared van which was simply too small for three big guys. There are a few stories that could make it from that trip into this section, but there was one night in Yosemite Valley when, like any good traveller, we were cooking 2-minute noodles out the back of our van. Out of nowhere, we noticed a bear padding into our campsite.

In that moment, Tom jumped into the van, and managed to lock both Will and I outside with the bear. In his panic, he couldn’t figure out how to unlock the car from the inside which left us circling the car for about 45 seconds as the bear sniffed around. At the time, it was the funniest thing in the world. In hindsight, it was a recipe for disaster!

Describe Tom in one word: Swag

Tom’s most annoying or endearing habit: This is a little bit of column A and column B, but Tom produces his own nicknames, and then just talks about himself in the third person until it sticks. I have never seen a man with as much commitment to this pastime. He is currently The Fizz, but we have also recently endured Uncle Kev and Swaggy Pete. I dread to think what is next.

Tom on Joe: 

Most memorable moment with Joe: Where could I possibly start. I’m going to keep a few of the more risqué stories to the pub! Although one thing I won’t forget is that when we started Half Dome, we did have an early tradition of putting up a % of the company for any employee who could beat Joe in a skulling contest. Needless to say, ownership never changed hands on these fun, memorable (and now in retrospect, completely outrageous) days. Unfortunately, we had to put a stop to this when Joe started having kids, and he lost touch with his drinking prime.

Describe Joe in one word: Infectious.

Joe’s most annoying or endearing habit: The bloke doesn’t know how to lose. It’s nice to see his determination to win FIFA on the PlayStation back in the day has transferred to his determination to win at everything he tries his hand at in adult life. Luckily for me, I have a front row view of the winning that seems to follow him.

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