Will Google control Aussie TV ads too? That’s not as mad as it sounds

What follows is a fascinating video that probably won’t happen in Australia. Except it might.  

Slate’s Seth Stevenson gave Google TV Ads a whirl and discovered that it’s possible to make an ad and broadcast it on high profile shows (albeit in graveyard slots) for a few hundred bucks.

I recommmend giving it a watch.

(Hat-tip: Drew Weatherstone)

This is a service which is so far only available in the US.

Effectively, it’s almost the same principle as Google AdWords. But you can then schedule your ad against specific channels or even shows. Cheaply.

The reason I say it couldn’t happen in Australia, is the difference in our TV landscape – the free TV players would have nothing to do with it, which only really leaves the Foxtel-Austar axis, who would be unlikely to go down that path.

But despite the lack of a cable culture, the reason that I say it might happen is because of the looming arrival of IPTV as a serious proposition.

Just yesterday I was talking to the CEO of a major media agency. He predicted that TV will eventually be bought (although not necessarily negotiated)  and planned from a single point. IPTV will be the driver for it.

Suddenly the Google TV Ads model looks a lot like that.

Tim Burrowes



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