Wish You Were Here producer turns to Pozible for next feature

A new film from the producer of this year’s thriller Wish You Were Here has turned to crowd-funding for her next feature project.

Angie Fielder of Aquarius Films, with writer, director David Barker have raised much of the film The Second Coming’s budget through investors but hope crowd funding through website Pozible will raise another 200,000 to make the film.The film-makers hope to find 2000 people to pledge $100 each, with the money going towards production design, costume and visual effects.

Dystopian and post-apocalyptic in style, The Second Coming is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Andrew Masterson.

The story follows Joe Panther a man who believes he is Jesus and becomes the prime suspect of a murder case. Set against a fictional metropolis, the story aims to challenge religion and the church while being a classic murder-mystery.

Producer Angie Fielder said: “The Second Coming is a unique and ambitious film, and we need to think creatively about how we make it. When people pledge money to support a film, it gives them a vested interest in it and its success. That kind of audience dedication is incredibly important to filmmakers.”

Writer/director David Barker said: “We are in the midst of a film-making revolution. It’s mind-blowing. Sites like Pozible are pipelines to a larger community that’s evolving in completely new ways.”

The Pozible campaign launches from Monday 10 September with a number of incentives for contributors.

A social media campaign has already begun for the film with a Facebook and Twitter pages and tumblr account.



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