Brisbane’s Rave Magazine ceases print edition

Brisbane street press publication Rave Magazine has ceased its weekly print edition.

The closure comes after 21 years and 1047 issues. There will be five redundancies.

Colin Rankin, publisher for the magazine told Mumbrella a print version might return in the future. Rankin said: “There have been a few conversations that could lead to that being the case. It won’t be out of the question but things are in limbo at the moment.”

Rankin also said he wasn’t ruling out moving completely to digital. He told Mumbrella: “We were very early adopters of the web and the digital, pdf addition has 7,500 subscribers. We’ve done well in the digital space but I think as most media organisations have found, advertising dollars in print, when transferred to the digital space, become cents. It’s very hard to maintain the same standards and maintain the same revenue.”

Rave was one of three youth-targeted street publications in Brisbane. Time Off, part of Street Press Australia, and Scene remain.



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