Commonwealth Bank follows Westpac with ‘cash without card’ campaign

In a signal that the big banks are gearing up for a fight over “emergency cash” or “cash without a card” services, Commonwealth Bank has launched its TV campaign promoting its service just a day after Westpac.

While Westpac focussed on the distress and panic customers go through when they’ve lost their wallet, Commonwealth Bank presents a customer who experiences a moment of panic before calmly utilising the “cash without a card” service whilst her wallet, come to life after being left behind, attempts to journey back to its owner.

Created by M&C Saatchi, the spot follows on from the bank’s promotion of its “Lock, Block and Limit” function which allows customers to lock its credit card from the app in the case of it going missing.

The digital and outdoor execution for the campaign launched two weeks ago.

The Westpac campaign:



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