Consumers Ransom calls for entries for Australia’s worst customer service awards

Consumer affairs website Consumers Ransom is holding its first annual “Australia’s Worst Customer Service Awards” and is calling for nominations,

The announcement:

Later this year Consumers Ransom will be holding our first “Australia’s Worst Customer Service Awards”

First we need you, the consumers on the receiving end, to nominate companies or other organisations that have provided the worst customer service between 1 Jan 2011 and 30 April 2012 – send us your gripes, moans, unanswered complaints, stories and evidence of those that have gone above and beyond to rort you, rip you off, waste your time, irritate, confuse or make your life a misery.

You can leave comments below but if you would like to send evidence and documents or  remain anonymous then please email to no.service@consumersransom.com

Once we have shortlisted the organsiations there will be a public vote. We will announce the winners later in the year and hand deliver their awards. Winners will also have the chance to reply on our site.

What might count?

– Telcos with bad signal or any company with bad service

– Unexplained charges or massive unexepected bills

– Most misleading or unfair contract

– Daily deal websites that don’t deliver or the longest wait to redeem

– Longest wait on telephone or for email response or refund

– Most annoying system

– Rudest, most condescending or patronising communication

– Most annoying use of social media for customer service

– Total fail in any other respect

Anonymity guarantee

We guarantee that we will not reveal who you are if you send us details of bad customer service and you wish to remain anonymous.

Source : Consumer Ransom website.



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