Domino’s gets panned for less-than-game-changing ‘game changer’ announcement

Domino's CEO Dion announces the new range

Domino’s CEO Don Meij announces the new range

Domino’s is suffering a social media backlash after a week-long teaser campaign for a “game changing” announcement proved to be no more than a new range of pizzas with premium toppings.

The campaign is the first major one led by Domino’s new agency Elevencom.

domino fire marketing team

Last week, CEO Don Meij claimed: “What we are planning and training for is the biggest initiative we’ve launched in years.”

domino blue balls

However, Domino’s today posted a message on YouTube and emailed its customers to announce the launch of the “Chef’s Best” range. The move appears to be a response to the progress being made by rival chain Crust which has built its reputation on offering better quality ingredients.

domino not game changer

The new video sees Meij tell viewers: “It’s a game changer.”

But the announcement – which follows a week of teaser ads and mailouts to its database – has been seen as an anti-climax by many of the brand’s customers.

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Many immediately took to social media to suggest they had been misled into expecting something more dramatic.

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 As well as the comments on the Domino’s YouTube account, fans have also been taking to the brand’s Facebook page, to express their derision. They have also been claiming that comments suggesting the move is not a game changer are quickly being removed by the Domino’s social media team. A spokesman for Domino’s told Mumbrella in a statement:

“We encourage our fans and followers to leave feedback for us on social media forums. We encourage transparency and believe in the importance of empowering our fans. This is evident in making the announcement before anyone else, giving away pizza parties for 100 lucky Facebook fans in Australia to be the first to try the new range this evening and also launching our new live store rating Facebook app last week.

“Facebook comments revealing the new range before the announcement would have been hidden and shared again after our reveal – which we perceived were Domino’s employees (against our social media policy) or if they had external links attached to them ( for the safety of our users).

“Our team respond to enquiries, complaints and suggestions regularly and we don’t shy away from feedback left on our page. We empower our fans and make it easy for them to leave feedback whether positive or negative.”

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dominos youtube



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