Mumbrella360 video: The 10 Second Rule of Brains and Brands

In the lead-up to Mumbrella360 on June 7-9, we revisit highlights from last year’s event.

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Greg Alder, founder and CEO GregAlderCo reveals how our subconscious decides in just 10 seconds if we like something or not.

He discusses how, throughout history, we have used branding such as uniforms, colours, texture, accents to show to others that we are part of their tribe. That we understand them.

Greg examines the case histories of brands that have experienced enormous success in launching, expanding or refreshing their brands, as well as what when wrong when brands veered too far away from what they are.


  • 0:00 Introduction: first impressions
  • 3:00 Influencing factors that help us decide who to speak with
  • 3:50 We make subsconscious decision in 10 seconds if we like something or feel comfortable or not
  • 5:00 95% of the time we are controlled by our subsconscious thoughts
  • 5:30 Our bodies react to our thoughts like they are real
  • 6:20 Brains make connections and form new ideas by joining seemingly unrelated things
  • 7:00 Survival instincts and the modern world
  • 7:40 Uniforms and flags were created to give instant identification of ourselves to others
  • 9:00 Apple’s branding: iPod; iTunes; and the innovative white cable
  • 11:10 What is a brand? Iconography, typography, phrases, colour and sound
  • 17:00 Tone of voice, sense of humour, the face behind the brand becomes the brand
  • 20:00 Synthesising scent for Rolls Royce
  • 22:00 Pick this logo – memory triggers
  • 25:00 Pre-selling a brand for expansion
  • 26:00 Knee-jerk re-branding: blind taste-test preference is for Pepsi but Coke sells more cans
  • 32:16 What’s the vision for your brand? That’s not your profit margin
  • 34:30 McDonald’s doesn’t just sell hamburgers
  • 36:00 The release of Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield: tapping into untested consumer markets
  • 37:00 Richard Branson – rolling out a brand across multiple categories
  • 40:30 What do you want consumers to feel once you’ve got their attention?
  • 41:00 Write down your values to determine what they are
  • 44:50 Expanding your brand’s DNA doesn’t mean departing from its values
  • 50:00 Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard: the dislike factor
  • 53:00 Coping with negative social media

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