Mumbrella360 video: Radio – It’s A Love Thing

In the latest series of videos we present highlights from this year’s Mumbrella360 conference.

it's a love thing Mumbrella360 2015 panel radio

Paul Murray is joined by WSFM’s Amanda Keller, Nova’s Michael ‘Wippa’ Wipfli, 2GB’s Ben Fordham and TripleM’s Merrick Watts to discuss the state of radio in It’s A Love Thing. Here the panel discuss the highs and lows of a career as a radio host, the relationship between presenters and the sales department and being put in awkward positions.

  • 1:50: Paul Murray to Amanda Keller: Do you see your role on the air as performer, or do you understand that you play a part in the listener’s life?
  • 3:05: Paul Murray to Ben Fordham: Talk radio audience, mostly over 55 year olds, will let you know their disappointment, regardless thinking highly of you.
  • 4:27: Paul Murray to Michael Wipfli: The audience, other than most media, (radio listeners) will look you in the eye and tell you things even your wife wouldn’t say.
  • 5:25: Paul Murray to Merrick Watts: What’s the challenge with social media to balance two Merricks?
  • 6:40: Paul Murray to Amanda Keller: When they (the audience) trusts you, they can tell no difference between you, an advertisement and stick around in parts they would normally change stations because the hosts have created this environment. Do you think that radio has been perfecting the way that you commodify this trust?
  • 11:15: Paul Murray to the group: You have the ability to present an ad and not have it stick out like a sore thumb.
  • 12:35: Paul Murray to Michael Wipfli: What’s your relationship with clients and the want to perform for them?
  • 14:23: Paul Murray to Merrick Watts: On the other hand, have there been any moments where clients have been too pushy?
  • 16:00: Paul Murray to Ben Fordham: How do you deal with these clients?
  • 18:40: Paul Murray to Michael Wipfli: Because you are so contactable as a presenter, do you feel like you are your station’s front desk?
  • 21:50: Paul Murray to Amanda Keller: In the world of so many choices, what do you do to make you stand out?
  • 24:03: Paul Murray to Ben Fordham: How do you stick out and how does the medium remain relevant?
  • 25:30: Paul Murray to Michael Wipfli: When do youtube videos start becoming 2nd and 3rd sources of revenue?
  • 26:50: Paul Murray to Merrick Watts: Southern Cross understand the multiplicity of radio, especially digital radio, where you can buy a station for a short amount of time and have it pop up all over Australia.
  • 30:00: Paul Murray to Amanda Keller: ‘As featured on radio’, a medium that’s meant to be destabilizing traditional media is being used as a gauge of success.
  • 31:30: Audience: How do you juggle the creativity you put into your show with creativity for client demand?
  • 35:55: Audience: What was the worst commercial you were part of?
  • 41:20: Paul Murray to all: How have listeners expressed love and gratitude towards you?

This video was produced by 90 Seconds for Mumbrella.


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