Nielsen: Traditional media consumption rises with the internet

The continued rise of internet usage has failed to dent consumers’ time spent on traditional media such as TV, newspapers and radio.  

According to Nielsen’s 2010 Internet & Technology Report,  the average Australian internet user spent 17.6 hours per week online last year, up from 16.1 hours in 2008.

Overall however, almost half of internet users (49%) surveyed multi-tasked television and the internet at the same time, and 39 per cent multi-tasked radio and the internet.

Internet users spent 13.4 hours per week watching TV last year, which was a rise from 12.9 hours in 2009.

Radio also saw a rise from 8.8 hours per week in 2008 to 9.3 in 2009. Similarly, newspaper consumption rose from 2.8 hours per week to 3.2 a year later in 2009.

The report also pointed out that while OzTam ratings data – which uses a different methodology and include non-internet users in their sample – recorded a decrease in TV viewing time in 2009, Nielsen’s report on internet users’ media habits showed that television viewing was up by 30 minutes to 13.4 hours.

Matt Bruce, MD of Nielsen’s online business in Australia, said “Changes to the Australian media landscape in recent years such as the introduction of Freeview TV, digital radio and PVR/DVRs mean consumers have more options and flexibility in their media choices than ever before. This is reflected in the growth of hours spent across a range of media and the popularity of media multi-tasking.”

Meanwhile in other results, magazine consumption remained the same, with consumers dedicating two hours per week.

Time spent listening to online radio however saw a fall from 4.9 hours per week in 2008, to 4.1 in 2009. Consumption of DVDs, videos and BluRay also fell from 4.1 hours per week in 2008 to 3.5 in 2009.

Consumption of the internet via the mobile phone was noticeably down from 3.7 hours per week in 2008 to 2.5 last year.

The Nielsen report also for the first time measured TV watched via the internet, which last year was 2.9 hours per week; while consumers spent 4.1 hours per week using portable reading devices.

Nielsen’s Internet & Technology Report, which is now in its twelfth edition, is based on 2,371 responses from both internet users and non-users via online surveys and telephone interviews.



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