Sea Shepherd creates digital campaign that captures life ‘protecting’ the ocean

01_FWAAnti-whaling activist group Sea Shepherd has teamed up with design & technology studio Cypha to promote the activist’s latest anti-whaling campaign, ‘Operation Relentless’.

The campaign features an ‘online experience‘ called ‘Get Behind the Defenders’ and puts users on the sea as part of the Sea Shepherd crew, allowing them to experience what the crew sees and feels.

The ‘online experience’ hosts a variety of videos which are played depending on user responses to situations the Sea Shepherd crew is typically faced with.

The campaign asks the users to make a donation and show their support by uploading a photo to the ‘Wall of Defenders’ which doubles as a virtual petition.

Cypha creative partner, Alex Christian said: “Because organisations like Sea Shepherd exist, some complacency has developed over the last few years but the reality is, without the public’s support, Sea Shepherd can no longer continue to protect our oceans. So we shifted the focus from defending our oceans to defending those people who defend our oceans.”

The campaign has been designed to tap into Sea Shepherd’s strong social media presence. Users can connect with Facebook to make a donation and add their profile picture to the wall behind a Sea Shepherd captain – the bigger the donation, the bigger the profile picture will appear.

Cypha technical partner, Daniel Christos said: “People proudly donate to a cause because it says something about who they are and what they stand for. We made it easy for users to share their support with their network, while at the same time tapping into the power of the group by showing photos of others who are already behind the crew. This creates a unique and novel experience compared to traditional donation mechanics.”

The site is the first instalment of a range of digital executions that Cypha will produce for the organisation.






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