B&D Garage Doors revitalise brand in new campaign from BWM

B&D Garage Doors has revealed its first new campaign in several years as it looks to introduce the brand to younger homeowners.

The campaign, from BWM, features a man dancing down the street and magically opening the various garage doors, and ends with the tagline “B&D Garage Doors operating smoothly since 1956”.

BWM Group chief creative officer Rob Belgiovane said in a statement: “B&D has been known for producing, reliable and smoothly operating automatic operating systems. The idea focuses on that smoothness and showcases their stylish doors in a fun way.

“It introduces this market-leading brand to a younger generation of under 35s, who might not be aware of them, as well as reintroduce the brand to older Aussies who grew up with B&D.”

The campaign includes a 30 and 60 second TVC.



  • Marketing Director GDO: Stuart Sutherland
  • National Marketing Manager: Stacey Smith
  • Marketing Services Manager: Helen Phan

BWM Agency

  • Chief Creative Officer: Rob Belgiovane
  • Creative Director: Thomas Manion
  • Copy Writer: Zac Pritchard
  • Planning Director: Moensie Rossier
  • Deputy Head of Onscreen: Tiffany Campbell
  • Board Account Director: Richard O’Rourke
  • Account Director: Guy Lovell


  • Production Company: Goodstuff
  • Director: Rhett Wade-Ferrell
  • Production Company Producer: Emma Thompson
  • DOP: Rob Marsh
  • Editor: Dave Whittaker
  • Post House: The Editors
  • Music: Nylon Studios
  • Audio: Nylon Studios


  1. Marco of the North
    12 Feb 14
    12:34 pm

  2. Do ad people ever think about what they are trying to sell? After having problems with our garage door mysteriously opening by itself in the middle of the night because of interference from a neighbour’s door bell signal and leaving our house open to burglars, this ad sends the wrong message about the reliability of the product. Back to the drawing board BWM.

  3. GR
    12 Feb 14
    12:51 pm

  4. So I am guessing it is Christopher Walkens brother with Fatboy Slims sister DJing?

  5. Dabug
    12 Feb 14
    2:15 pm

  6. I really like the song. And the guy has some good moves. But after watching it on TV a few times, I completely miss the brand.

    But perhaps because I don’t care for the category.

  7. Beero
    12 Feb 14
    3:07 pm

  8. I’m not sure who I despair for more – the agency actually came up with this or the client who actually approved it! Are they trying to alienate all men or what?

  9. KGB
    12 Feb 14
    7:06 pm

  10. @ Marco of the north.

    “Quick BWM, we need a TV ad for Marco, as he is having a very specific problem with his neighbour’s doorbell interfering with his automatic garage door. Why didn’t you think of this earlier?”

  11. Hotdog
    13 Feb 14
    8:37 am

  12. ^— Excellent.

  13. Hotdog
    13 Feb 14
    8:40 am

  14. Also, what’s the song credit?