Encore soars in latest CAB audit

Encore mayMumbrella’s sister title Encore has reached its highest distribution in several years, new figures published by the Circulations Audit Board reveal.

In the six month period ending in March, the monthly Encore magazine distributed an average of 7,144 copies per edition, the CAB data shows. The CAB lists Encore as being in the “film, TV, video and multimedia” category. The bimonthly IF Magazine (formerly Inside Film), also in that category, distributed 4,464.

Under CAB rules, Encore cannot be directly compared to its commercial rivals AdNews and B&T which are in the separate “business/ HR/ marketing and management industry” category. AdNews distributed 6,257 copies and B&T 5,386.Both titles are fortnightly.

Parent company Focal Attractions can for the first time boast the hat trick of highest distribution for print title in its category, highest website audience and biggest email circulation.

Encore was relaunched in November with its focus expanded beyond the screen industry to the wider media and marketing world. Focal Attractions bought Encore from Reed Business Information in late 2009.

The CAB recognises distribution rather than sales, so the figure does not necessarily reflect paid sales. In new deals to coincide with Encore’s relaunch, members of the Australian Marketing Institute, the committee of the Media Federation of Australia and AWARD (the Australian writers and art directors association) – now receive a complimentary copy of Encore through their memberships.

The CAB has not yet adopted a digital standard, so Encore’s digital subscribers via its new iPad app are not yet included in the new figure.

Average net distribution (% increase compared to previous audit period) in film, TV, video and multimedia category:

  • Encore – 7,144  |  +170%
  • IF – 4,464  |  +6.3%
Average net distribution (% increase compared to previous audit period) in business/ HR/ marketing and management category:
  • AdNews – 6,257  |   +0.8%
  • B&T – 5,386  |  -0.2%
Other print titles in the media and marketing space such as Marketing magazine, Media Week and Campaign Brief are not audited.

Meanwhile, the only titles in this industry that audit their online traffic are Mumbrella, IF and Campaign Brief.

In April, Mumbrella’s audited Australian UBs were 123,389. Campaign Brief was 49,176, and IF 24,320,

Mumbrella is the only title in the sector to audit its daily email, with an official average net daily distribution of 23,238.

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  1. Adam Joseph
    18 May 12
    3:03 pm

  2. BRAVO Tim and Co.

  3. AdGrunt
    18 May 12
    3:37 pm

  4. Well done. Trebles all round!

  5. Bec
    18 May 12
    3:53 pm

  6. Gratz Tim. Another new media outfit rises.

  7. Julien
    18 May 12
    4:05 pm

  8. Congratulations guys!

    Only the results of great efforts – keep going :-)

  9. Madz
    18 May 12
    4:17 pm

  10. Congrats! Well deserved!

  11. tony simms
    18 May 12
    5:28 pm

  12. Encore!! Encore!!! Well done!!

  13. Goal
    18 May 12
    5:49 pm

  14. A very well deserved hat-rick from an engaged, nimble, organised team.

    Well done guys!

  15. Ann
    18 May 12
    8:50 pm

  16. Well done Encore team

  17. BA
    19 May 12
    10:24 am

  18. I’m sure B&T, IF Magazine and Adnews could make the same meaningless boast if they gave away free copies. Given Mumbrella made such a song and dance about Fairfax’s distribution of bulk copies at Universities, isn’t it a bit hypocritical of the site to make a virtue of free distribution so you can say ‘we relaunched and look at what a big success it was’? It’s not a good measure of engagement if they audience is not opting in to pay for the magazine. Further to that point, you don’t know who the readers are with this distribution model.

  19. mumbrella
    20 May 12
    10:26 am

  20. Hi BA,

    I’m reasonably certain that B&T and AdNews actually do have a similar strategy. B&T goes to part of the AMI membership list, while AdNews resigned from the Audit Bureau of Circulations (which counts paid circulation) in 2010 and joined CAB presumably for a similar reason, I’m sure. (http://mumbrella.com.au/adnews.....ures-31420).

    I’d disagree that it’s a meaningless boast though. We’ve done those deals with those organisations to make sure that we can tell existing and future advertisers that we believe we offer them the best possible audience. AWARD members are exactly the sort of people that the production industry wants to reach. Similarly, the AMI’s marketers, and the Media Federation committee, are the sort of people that media organisations want to reach when they’re promoting advertising options on their own products.

    I take your point on engagement being an important metric. It is. But I don’t think a CAB certificate is the best way of measuring it.


    Tim – Mumbrella

  21. Encore Fan
    20 May 12
    10:47 am

  22. I think there is a difference between hundreds of SMH’s in a parking lot at Sydney Uni v free subs of Encore being sent to a highly targeted decision maker.

    Nice work all!

  23. anon_coward
    21 May 12
    10:00 am

  24. Circs are circs. Well done.

  25. Nate
    22 May 12
    9:37 am

  26. I do enjoy my free copy of Encore, but I have no idea why I started receiving it / what list I’m on that you got my details from.

    I also distinctly remember the fervor with which you hounded the newspapers last year over circulation audits and the request for transparency over % of paid vs. free copies distributed. So in that regard I’m with BA on this one and request some transparency in the numbers if your’e going to boast about them.

    In response to Encore Fan:
    “I think there is a difference between hundreds of SMH’s in a parking lot at Sydney Uni v free subs of Encore being sent to a highly targeted decision maker.”

    1) The volume of free copies of encore may be lower than SMH’s freebies but so is the total circulation. The % of free vs. paid here is the issue, not the actual volume.

    2) I’d argue with the “highly targeted decision maker” and expect that it’s more likely to be reaching people who are in some way connected to the advertising / marketing / media industry and leave it at that. I don’t think you can claim it’s exclusively hitting decision makers.

    I love mumbrella and it’s my preferred site for industry news, but this definitely seems a little pot calling the kettle black.

  27. mumbrella
    22 May 12
    12:11 pm

  28. Hi Nate,

    Without giving anything away about your identity, based on your IP address, I think you’re being targeted because of where (I suspect) you work. It’s not random.


    Tim – Mumbrella