Screentime acquires biography of Gina Rinehart

Adele Ferguson’s Gina Rinehart acquired by Screentime

Screentime has acquired the rights to the unauthorised biography of the richest woman in the world.

The Banijay-owned company picked up the rights of the story of Gina Rinehart from biographer and Fairfax journalist Adele Ferguson.

Planned as a six hour mini-series, the production will be written by Michael Lucas, writer of Offspring and Not Suitable For Children.

The biography is based on research and interviews with Rinehart’s colleagues, family, friends and former employees. The series will look at both Rinehart and her father Lang Hancock. Fairfax currently owns about 15% of publisher Fairfax Media and is battling for a place on the board.

Screentime’s Des Monaghan said: “We are delighted that we won the race to secure the rights to the story of Gina Rinehart and her father, who have fascinated Australia for decades.”

“Adele is one of Australia’s most highly regarded writers, and her research, understanding and unprecedented access to those closest to the family, will give an insight and greater understanding of one of the most intriguing women in the world,” Monaghan added:

No broadcaster has yet signed on to the production.

The biography was published by Pan McMillan.


  1. Harry
    6 Feb 13
    12:57 pm

  2. Gina Rinehart may be the world’s richest woman but she also has a long history of aggressive litigation and any TV network would have to be extremely cautious, so cautious that it is likely to be a very sanitised version. I just can’t imagine who would want to play her. She’s certainly no Ita Buttrose!

  3. LB
    6 Feb 13
    1:59 pm

  4. i think they should cast chrissie swan as gina.

  5. Big Girl
    7 Feb 13
    11:13 am

  6. Chrissie Swan is not an actor from my understanding – she is a game show contestent turned presenter.

    Why not get an accomplished actress to method act by gaining 200kg and stop bathing.