1000heads announces first HeadsUp event

Word of mouth agency 1000heads will host its first #HeadsUp event for 2013. The panel of the event will include Kate Carruthers, director of Moore’s Cloud, Yelp.com.au marketing and communications manager Benjamin Barnett and Alex Adams national sales executive of LivingSocial.

The announcement:

Word of Mouth agency 1000heads will be hosting its first #HeadsUp event for 2013 on the 12th of February.

The free event series is based on a panel format with three experts discussing what lies ahead in a specific topic area, and what businesses can do to prepare.

The first series topic for 2013 is on Word Of Mouth, where 3 panellists share their experiences, answer questions about WOM as well as sharing insights on how it can enhance business strategy.

Panellists for the event:
Kate Carruthers
Kate is a business and IT strategist and is Director at Moore’s Cloud, a start-up with a connected intelligence lighting system as a product.  Kate is a Co-founder of Social Innovation Sydney and she regularly speaks on digital marketing and use of social networks for collaborative projects

Benjamin Barnett
Benjamin is Marketing and Community Manager at Yelp.com.au, a website and app that connects people with great local businesses. User generated reviews and an active community (both on- and off-line) are the essence of this business, making Yelp a company that recognises the importance of word of mouth.

Alex Adams
Alex is National Sales Executive at the group buying deals site, LivingSocial.  Participating in a social experience provides the context for reviews and recommendations, therefore Alex and his team are very aware of the importance of WOM for their business.

The #HeadsUp event will be held at the Shelbourne Hotel on Tuesday 12th February, with doors opening at 6pm and the panel starting sharp at 6:30pm.  The panel will go for one hour, with attendees able to remain and network after the main event.

At all #HeadsUp events, a significant amount of the panel time is dedicated to audience questions, so that attendees from a range of industries can have their particular questions addressed.

Joanne Jacobs, COO of 1000heads commented: “Australia is in desperate need of events that are accessible and which give business people from all sectors a chance to ask questions of experts. We designed #HeadsUp as a free event to address that need. And given what’s happening with the global economy, it’s crucial that the Australian business community supports each other in providing a heads-up on what can affect their strategy.”

Individuals wishing to participate in the event can register to attend at http://headsuponwom.eventbrite.com/

Source: 1000heads press release



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