Advocacy group Get Up parodies mining industry’s anti-super tax ads

Get Up, the not-for profit advocacy organisation, has launched a press ad in The Australian today, parodying the ads released by the Mineral Council of Australia opposing the government’s proposed resource  tax.

Mineral resources ads, Mumbrella

The Mineral Council of Australia was quick to launch press ads this month hitting back at the government’s proposal to tax the so-called super profits of mining companies by 40 per cent.

Its ads include copy: “Who’ll be hurt by the ‘Super Tax’ on mining? Everyone.”.

Get Up has now launched its own response to the Mineral Council of Australia ads, with creative mimicking the mining body, but with the opposing message “Isn’t it time the industry pays its fair share?”.

The ad, created internally, lists the salaries of mining executives, who earn over 100 times the average Australian wage.

The advocacy group has also launched the website, in response to the Mineral Council’s site

Sam Mclean, GetUp communications director, said: “Get Up members are putting a huge parody ad right alongside the Minerals Council ads in national newspapers, and we’re taking out ads in the oil and minerals stock pages too, so the executives can’t miss it.”

Get Up will also launch an ad in The Australian Financial Review to feature in the stock pages.



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