Dr Mumbo

Fairfax: fashion forward

Dr Mumbo is pleased to see that the move to create the “Fairfax of the Future” has already begun, as today’s SMH featured this fashion-forward advice for the modern business woman:

Generally, colours that work well are nudes, pastels and sorbet tones. Firetruck red and grass green usually don’t work. Those colours that work well are especially elegant in fabrics such as silk, as they also are when care is taken to match them to the complexion, says Rose.

He advises against heavy bracelets and bands because they can clank against each other and on the desktop during conversations.

Female managers who are not the chief executives can wear a cardigan or twin set. The currently fashionable box jacket in a Chanel style offers an attractive look for a somewhat informal business meeting.
Another hot style is a classic pencil skirt with a high waist. Stay away from skirts with fringed seams, says Rose, adding that women should always wear stockings when they wear skirts in the office.
“And in the summer, shoes worn by women who work in classic industries may be open at the back, but not at the toe,” says Zimmermann.

Because nothing says 2012 like a twin set.



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