MOVE sees nine per cent boost in outdoor audience

The latest out-of-home advertising survey suggests a nine per cent boost in audience with total daily contacts measured by MOVE, up from 355m to 385m when the system launched three years ago.

According to the industry’s audience measurement system Measurement of Outdoor Visibility and Exposure (MOVE) there was an increase of 30 million total daily contacts a result driven by recent market changes, population growth and changes to signage.

“We cracked the half billion revenue mark in 2012 for the first time as an industry, that is close to 2 per cent growth in a very volatile market and having MOVE confirm that our audiences are growing is an added boost to our plans to grow market share this year,” said Charmaine Moldrich, CEO of MOVE and boss of the Oudtoor Media Association.

“With these new numbers from MOVE, we’re seeing an accurate reflection of the change in the market place and consumer behaviour, and we are poised to capitalise on this.”

Chairman of the Outdoor Media Association Richard Herring said he believes population growth would continue to drive the growth of outdoor advertising.

“If you look at the drivers for (growth), one of the key factors was population growth and I would suspect that will be sustainable. The other drivers being where there is population growth which is density and where signs are more concentrated,” said Herring.

“If those trends continue, and obviously 9 per cent is a big number, there is certainly there will be sustained growth.”

The latest MOVE results suggest that consumers see an average of 25 out-of-home advertising faces each day.

Nic Christensen



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