PostClick rebranded as Komli Australia

Komli Australia & New Zealand has rebranded its key Australian brand PostClick. Acquired by Komli in 2010, PostClick will now be known as Komli Australia with related products also being rebranded.

The announcement:

Andrew Reid, MD of Komli Australia & New Zealand, today announced that all Komli owned digital marketing companies in Australia and New Zealand will now be known as Komli. In recent months Komli has rebranded all its companies in the UK and South East Asia as Komli.

Making the announcement today, Reid said, “Harnessing the capabilities of Asia Pacific’s leading and most innovative digital technology platform is a key strategic move for Komli. Bringing together the cutting edge technology, insights and applications now under the Komli banner has created an incredibly powerful offering for both advertisers and publishers.”

Key Komli brand in Australia is the highly successful ad network, PostClick. PostClick was founded in 2001 and acquired by Komli in 2010. PostClick will now be known as Komli Australia. PostClick’s new video product is now called Komli PLAY and PostClick’s Ad Network is now called Komli Premium.

Since Komli’s inception in India in 2006, the company has grown rapidly to become Asia Pacific’s leading real-time digital technology platform, focused on the intersection of two key trends: the growth of digital advertising in Asia Pacific and the science of search coming to graphical advertising (display, mobile, video).

“Komli leads the Asia Pacific, home to the world’s fastest growing economies and media advertising markets. Within that, digital advertising is the fastest growing form of advertising, and is set to grow at 30-50% a year for the next 10 years,” said Andrew Reid.

“The digital landscape and online advertising is changing fundamentally with the advent of real-time bidding, attribution, data marketplaces, algorithms and targeting. A whole new technology platform is required to enable this new world. Komli is the leading provider of these technologies in Asia Pacific following strategic acquisitions and in-house development,” continued Reid.

In addition to announcing the rebrand today, Reid also announced that Komli’s Real-Time Bidding (RTB) performance ad platform ATOM will launch in Australia shortly.

With the power of real-time bidding, Komli’s renowned ATOM platform allows media buyers to evaluate, bid on and purchase online ad inventory on an impression by impression basis. ATOM enables marketers to run highly targeted and efficient online ad campaigns simply and efficiently.

Rebranding all the Komli businesses in Australia as Komli comes at a very important time for the digital space here in Australia.

“The release of ATOM and its RTB capabilities dovetails with Komli’s other Australian media and technology assets. Komli ANZ is arguably leading the charge to provide local digital agencies with a media stack underpinned by proprietary technology.”

Locally, Komli ANZ’s technology specialisations include brand media, video, performance media, social, mobile media and data tools.

Globally, Komli’s technology stack includes cutting edge ad serving, DSP, DMP and analytics.

Reid (now MD of Komli Australia & New Zealand) joined the Komli team in Australia last year (as Vice President, Data Solutions, Komli Media and Managing Director, ViziSense Australia & New Zealand). Reid is also a member of Komli’s global leadership team.   Reid heads Komli’s software and technology strategy in the field of data management, customer insights, campaign optimisation and data exchange trading.

Source: Komli press release



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