Digital Chameleon launches Accelerate: Brand Publishing

Digital Chameleon has announced the launch of a series of three modules that use publishing methods to content marketing problems. The series is called Accelerate: Brand Publishing.

The announcement:

Digital Chameleon, Australia’s leading e-learning provider has announced the launch of Accelerate: Brand Publishing, a series of three modules that apply tried and tested publishing methods to content marketing problems.

Accelerate: Brand Publishing is a response to feedback that brands and marketers struggle to create ongoing engaging content, even though 70 per cent of customers prefer to get to know a brand through its content and 87 per cent of CMO’s believe content is invaluable.

“Content is at the heart of everything,” says Digital Chameleon Director, Patty Keegan. “From the moment a customer starts looking for a product through search – and 98 per cent of them start their buying experience that way – they are connecting with content.

“Many marketers and brands struggle with creating that content, especially as it is a long term commitment to building relationships rather than a quick win. But publishers have been doing precisely that forever. We take that ‘black magic’ and apply it to solving marketing problems through content with measurable results.”

The three modules draw on the experience of one of America’s leading content marketing gurus, Joe Pulizzi, who founded the Content Marketing Institute, and is the author of ‘Get Customers, Get Content’ and the influential Junta42 blog.

“Content marketing is basically thinking and acting like a media company would, like a publisher would. What we want brands to understand is how to create the content that is compelling and relevant, to be the news source,” Joe explains.

Accelerate: Brand Publishing does just that through three modules:

  • Accelerate: Content Creation – reveals tricks of the publishing trade that can make content creation efficient and effective in moving customers through the buying cycle
  • Accelerate: Social Media and Content – how content marketing and social media marketing differ, and why content is the currency of social media
  • Accelerate: Strategy – building a strategy around content that delivers measurable results

“If you can create the right content, at the right time, in the right channel, it is an extremely powerful way to engage customers and build a deep relationship with them that pays dividends,” Patty added.

“In the strategy module, we sum this up as content being able to ‘meet measurable marketing objectives through publishing methods’ – and that is what Accelerate: Brand Publishing demonstrates.”

Source: Digital Chameleon press release



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