Dr Mumbo

Sorrell meets that fat one off the telly

To Martin Sorrell’s intimate Sydney breakfast for 750 or so of his closest fans, where Gruen Transfer regular Dan Gregory was compering. Or as he put it: “I’m the fat one off the telly.”

The WPP boss was doing his own maths, pointing out that the room held 750 people yet the company employs 4000 locally. Woe betide anyone on his management team who didn’t bother to turn out. As Sorrell put it: “It’s a quick flight from Melbourne.”

Sorrell was also keen to emphaises that when he talks about “horizontality”, making sure that his people at different agencies work together, he really means it. He said: “It’s not just some bullshit in a trade magazine about how you are working together.”

Gregory followed up, telling Sorrell: “Having worked with some WPP agencies, good luck with that.”

Sorrell replied: “Tell me their names.”

Luckily for the people involved, Gregory resisted the temptation.



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