Big Brother ratings continue downwards on Friday

big brother secretBig Brother continued its daily decline on Friday night – the fourth day running that Nine’s reality show has dropped audience.

It averaged a metro audience of 833,000 according to preliminary overnight metro ratings from OzTam. This was just half of its Monday night launch show.

While the show was expected to see a fall off after its heavily promoted debut on Monday, the constant decline since then raises the stakes for the coming week – when weekday-to-weekday comparisons can be made.

Monday will almost certainly be down on the previous Monday because that was the debut show, but after that the market will begin to get a fuller picture on where Big Brother’s audience is likely to settle.

Big Brother’s first week:

  • Monday – 1.618m
  • Tuesday – 1.327m
  • Wednesday – 1.131m
  • Thursday – 973,000
  • Friday – 833,000


  1. TV Advertiser
    18 Aug 12
    3:53 pm

  2. Did others say it was boring & the housemates vacuous?
    As there no 24/7 feed, is it hard for viewers to ‘engage’ with the housemates?
    Is this the best Nine with all of it’s cross platform resources can do?
    Glad I didn’t buy any spots in it.
    BTW….are there any sponsors?
    Don’t think so! Its a commercial and PR fail

  3. Fair Go
    18 Aug 12
    4:47 pm

  4. In fairness to Nine – the numbers will always trend down from Sunday to Saturday because total viewing numbers do just that !

    The real test is what share of viewing is created each night. I suspect that 833,000 on Friday was as good a share of say 16 -39’s or 25-54’s as 1.131m viewers on Wednesday.

    By the way – do not be surprised when Sun is up, Mon is slightly down on that, Tuesday and then Wed fall off slightly as well. That’s the way audiences fall naturally every week.

  5. nick williams
    18 Aug 12
    6:55 pm

  6. I’d say this is good news all round. let’s hope it goes the same way as that shit dance show from channel 10

  7. Scrutinising Viewer
    19 Aug 12
    8:34 am

  8. As a former media type (radio) and now simple Joe Public viewer, I thought I’d give BB a go, but have found my “switch off” trigger looming large. Not because it’s the same as it’s previous incarnation – the format agreement would DICTATE that pretty much, and I was actually EXPECTING it to be pretty much familiar and ‘the same” – but because the participants (housemates) are so terribly stereotypical and ‘cliche’. All 20-something (or so), single, white, DUMB FUCKS! Where’s the VARIETY we’ve had in previous seasons?? Nine have obviously dictated an ultra-safe BLAND piece of cardboard! At least TEN had SOME housemate blends with a bit of variation. Asian, indigenous, middle-aged, etc. Methinks the benefit of the doubt comments from others here regarding the numbers are being VERY generous indeed. I don’t think the viewing public will be so accommodating!

  9. Hoin
    19 Aug 12
    12:11 pm

  10. How long before Nine wheels out the stock-standard Channel Ten excuse for a failed show – “We’re winning the aimed for demographic!”

  11. Anon
    19 Aug 12
    1:08 pm

  12. Big Brother would be 1000x better on a channel like SBS.

  13. Cognitively Dissonant
    19 Aug 12
    1:29 pm

  14. Big Brother would be 1000×1000 better if it was on SBS and they mashed it up with “Go Back Where You Came From”

  15. Insider
    19 Aug 12
    2:16 pm

  16. Well ‘TV Advertiser’ is tough but fair. Got to say Nine has delivered below expectations to the audience they are pursuing. I have two teenagers that want to see more and it’s simply not available to them. So they aren’t as engaged as they could be. Big mistake and that may be reflected in BB commercial success or failure.

  17. Anon
    20 Aug 12
    6:31 am

  18. why did they have to bring back this rubbish, no matter how much they try to dress it up and revamp it its still just awful crap to painful to watch. Next they’ll get channel 10’s brunette bimbos sophie and vernesa from the shire and give them their own show

  19. Sam
    20 Aug 12
    6:32 am

  20. All the comments posted are correct. No engagement and from what they advertised it was supposed to be different to Channel TENs production. The only major difference is that TEN actually did Big Brother better.

  21. tomi
    20 Aug 12
    11:47 am

  22. No (moderated by Mumbrella), no older people , no up late, no friday night games, no sexy scenes, no filthy talk, no pool fun, no drinking, no smoking, no farting, no no no no……,.Mate I was the biggeesstt fan of this show in the past, its like a 100 day obsession. Now, I flick between this and master chef!

    Change this format quickly or cut it off early and free us of the pain!

  23. Bigdawg
    20 Aug 12
    4:10 pm

  24. Theyve stuffed it up back in the day with Grettle and Mike things were good. Sonya is the most hopeless host Ive seen and almost makes me flick over when shes on. The house mates arnt diverse at all theres no Black people no Asian people pretty much they banged some country bumkins in there one thats overweight and one thats a nerd..Who produces this the KKK ?? and to top it off they even put a UK person in the house.
    They cut Friday night Games also which is Family safe and was the only bit of BB Id never miss. 9 also has like 4 channels to put uplate stuff on so its not like theyll get people winging as much about raunchy stuff ( pewwk look at the house mate selection haha)…They missed out on a good chance to follow on the success of the voice and slam dunk the other channels this year….

  25. MARLS
    21 Aug 12
    2:27 pm

  26. I would give this 3 more weeks before its moved to Gem

  27. adam
    22 Aug 12
    7:10 am

  28. I understand that the show is aimed at 16 – 24 yo, but that doesn’t mean everyone in the place has to be that. I tried to watch it, really, but it was like watching a group of opinionated horrible teenagers outside a mall, texting each other. Truly inane and vacuous. It seems in the process of trying to get “average” housemates, they’ve got
    shallow ones instead. No different types at all. Nothing that reflects our actual lives. Not even an older person or a chinese person, or a muslim, just nothing.
    God how appalling it is. And I think you could have tried to get at least ONE person who was good looking. Not even any eye candy. Maybe you could dress them in beige to enliven them a bit.

  29. Phil
    22 Aug 12
    10:53 pm

  30. Theres an old saying >>
    you should never re boil your cabbages!
    Let alone rotten ones !

    Like a lot of things ! >>
    it’s had it’s day >>and that was like about 4 years ago .
    Don’t spoil gem with this crap…Please?!

  31. Johnny
    23 Aug 12
    11:18 am

  32. Well looks like u bunch of whiny whingers can eat ya. Own words!! BB on its with an adverage of 1.2 million audience! Can’t b half bad! N seriously ppl watching this wanna see Aussie BB not Chinas or Israel BB!!0.o …. Soo quite watching n whining already!:)

  33. Anonymous
    26 Aug 12
    10:09 pm

  34. Sorry, is this show still going? Yawn!

  35. Marty
    27 Aug 12
    2:49 am

  36. Biggest load of crap after The Shire on TV I know there are a LOT of people out there sharing a single braincell with there neighbour but please can we have some real entertainment for a change instead of this mind numbing crap for the dumb underclass surely we can produce something to bring their level of intelligence up a little yes ? god knows they all need it in Queensland where the show hails from !.

  37. sunshark
    27 Aug 12
    6:21 am

  38. “It’s time to go…..Sonia” Ratings down? Change the boring host with no spark – seriously. Bring back Gretel.

  39. Joe
    27 Aug 12
    7:18 pm

  40. This show is so pathetic. All us whites are in it and you know how they all behave too. Soo boring.

  41. ralphd
    30 Aug 12
    5:35 pm

  42. It’s hard to understand why this sort of crap is constantly regurgitated and fed up to us. Doesn’t anyone have an original idea any more, it just seems that the commercial channels look for food for the brain dead.

  43. Jeremy
    1 Sep 12
    2:48 pm

  44. I only watched a couple episodes and got quickly bored… because the housemates seem bored… doesn’t make for entertaining viewing.

    If they really wanted to bring BB to a new level they should not only have Live Cams, but they should have a media wall where viewers can post comments directly into the house… in real-time.

    It would be fun to be able to see your comment posted in real-time on live TV, and see the HM’s reactions!

    People want interactivity these days.

  45. Joel McColl
    1 Sep 12
    5:07 pm

  46. Ever since uncut was cut, it was never the same again. The concept of the previous Big Brother and it’s inclusion of the uncut version is for the viewers to know as much about the housemates. Now you just see kids horse playing. That’s it! They took reality out of being a reality show. Channel 10 should not have listened to the politicians who preached morality but never practiced them anyway.

  47. Andrew
    5 Sep 12
    9:26 pm

  48. I can’t comment because I’m actually slightly educated and have enough sense to not watch it

  49. David
    11 Sep 12
    10:13 am

  50. I have a degree and my wife a doctorate from Monash University and we watch it, I don’t see the point of you bothering to make that comment Andrew.

  51. michael
    11 Sep 12
    7:51 pm

  52. I think its great viewing. Although some diversity in housemates would have been good. More attractive people and constant access to alcohol is also neccessary for the success of the program.

  53. tom walsh
    15 Sep 12
    9:11 am

  54. After Jersy Shore with the “no holds barred” approach to this type of show, Big Brother pales into insignificance. Let’s face it, for 2012, it’s pretty dull.