It’s official: if you’re reading this, you’re not normal

Dr Mumbo was fascinated to read the results of a new study which demonstrates that adlanders are not like normal people. 26% of ad/marketing professionals have used illicit drugs at an office party, compared to only 3% of what Dr Mumbo fondly refers to as Muggles, or non-magical people.

Most crucially, advertising staffers use social media differently to “normal” people, with 71% paying attention to brand posts on Facebook compared to 23% of Muggles.

The study was distributed via social media as an infographic and was commissioned by an advertising agency.

Dr Mumbo saw it on Facebook.

Quad erat demonstrandum.

Advertising agency infographic


  1. AB
    15 May 12
    2:28 pm

  2. er…what does the last section (behaviour at office parties) have to do with the rest of the survey?

  3. Raoul Duke
    15 May 12
    3:24 pm

  4. Who says? Just because it’s a fancy info-graphic, doesn’t mean you should believe the numbers! We KNOW the general population is as enthusiastic about creativity, brands and using social media as we are! I’m off to present another UG content idea right now – people love spending their leisure time creating content for their favourite brand! And the sex, drugs and overindulgence? That’s bullshit – Everyone I know has hooked up, done a line or two and ‘got reallllly messy’ at the Christmas party – isn’t that what it’s for?

  5. Archie
    15 May 12
    4:22 pm

  6. this is outrageous
    how dare you suggest that the mass-market doesn’t give much of a toss about marketing using social media!

  7. Caitlin
    15 May 12
    4:35 pm

  8. I work in a community organisation, and in a recent survey of our stakeholders we asked the question, “How do you prefer to be kept up to date with information? Facebook, Twitter, Enewsletter or RSS?”

    The outstanding winner? The enewlsetter.

    Marketers and communicators, let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves, let alone too far ahead of our stakeholders.

  9. Inner city adverhipster with an ironic beard and a private school education
    15 May 12
    4:59 pm

  10. Hmm…its almost as if this is trying to convince me that my lifestyle and behaviour does not reflect the actions of the greater population.

    All of my friends use Twitter while we’re ordering ironically decorated cocktails in jam jars at the small bar / old garage behind Matthew Talbots. There must be something wrong with the sample.

  11. jean cave
    15 May 12
    5:32 pm

  12. It is time someone outed all the muggles making comments on Mumbrella.

  13. Media Ad Person
    15 May 12
    6:00 pm

  14. I feel that because I am in the media / ad industry I do not take notice of adverts. Or is it the content intake that I prefer? (ABC radio = zero ad’s, ABC TV = zero ad’s etc…) ????

    You know that annoying adsense ad that pops up at the bottom of YouTube. I have never read one, let alone clicked on one. i delete it as soon as it comes up. Same as those annoying video’s on SMH, which pop up; they get closed immediately and I do not take any notice of what they are.

    Do ad’s work?

    I am certainly not normal (not sure why though?)

    Barp barp!!

  15. latin lover
    15 May 12
    11:15 pm

  16. That would be quod erat demonstrandum (with an ‘o’), unless I missed the other three things somewhere…

  17. Bec
    16 May 12
    8:48 am

  18. I left Facebook a few years back because the advertisers suddenly discovered it. Them and the Baby Boomers.

    I would tell you what I use now, but, you know….

  19. Roger
    17 May 12
    5:11 pm

  20. I am one of the 37% who have thrown up from too much drinking (at a agency/client Xmas party)

    I broke one of the rules of the party which was agency staff are not to throw up in the pot plants before the clients!

  21. Denise Shrivell - MediaScope
    17 May 12
    8:59 pm

  22. I actually think the notion of this is true (for me anyway). I don’t feel like I read, listen, watch or surf media like a ‘normal’ consumer. For 25 years now I’ve been looking and thinking about the ads (and lately the pr and agenda driven editorial). I only ‘turn off’ with the ABC – and a book.

    And thinking about my non-professional friends – none of them are on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc with a few on FB & LinkedIn. I am sure they think I’m a bit odd.

    However – I am currently doing a small renovation to my house and have been reading, watching and surfing for these type of products and services ‘somewhat’ like a normal consumer. But – as I’ve noticed this I don’t think it counts.

    Roger – in a previous life I would have liked to have partied with you!

  23. Anna Spargo-Ryan
    18 May 12
    10:05 am

  24. The fact is that the Muggles are less AWARE of the way they are being influenced in social media. They don’t see it from an advertiser’s perspective: targeted ads, sponsored content, calls to action. The whole notion of social media is that it should be used to cultivate genuine relationships with customers, not pushing sales via Twitter.

    This type of marketing SHOULD be invisible to consumers. If 90% of ‘Normal’ people strongly agreed that companies should invest more with their customers, the whole notion of social marketing would become totally meta and we would all die.

  25. jean cave
    18 May 12
    6:40 pm

  26. Message coming in from the Mugglesphere . . . . More aware than you think.

  27. Jen
    20 May 12
    9:25 am

  28. I’m SO grateful to discover I’m not normal. Couldn’t think of anything more boring :)