Subway: ‘the official training restaurant of athletes’

Subway brand ambassador Torah Bright

Champion snowboarder Torah Bright is the star of a new campaign for sandwich chain Subway.

In the ad, Bright says that she eats a six-inch turkey while she’s in training.

The ad ends with the line, ‘Subway: the official training restaurant of athletes everywhere’.


  1. Bob
    27 Aug 12
    4:11 pm

  2. Well, I suppose it’s better than McD’s. Barely…

    On an unrelated note, I wonder if Subway has any limits on the number of salad items you can ask for? “Extra lettuce, please. Oh, and all the pickles you’ve got. Including the ones in the back room.”

  3. Chris
    27 Aug 12
    4:21 pm

  4. Do they actually have Subways anywhere near the Snow?

  5. Dan
    27 Aug 12
    6:52 pm

  6. What a six inch turkey of an ad.

    All the interesting things you could have done with Torah and they went for green screen.

  7. The Million $ Man
    28 Aug 12
    8:31 am

  8. If you are talking “athletes” haven’t you just missed the biggest opportunity in the last 4yrs to launch the campaign … nice work Subway! Saw a different edit last night with James Magnussen, so maybe best for the timing post Olympics.

  9. Fanta
    28 Aug 12
    2:56 pm

  10. Not long ago I suggested Subway fire not only their agency and production company but also the casting director for their latest horrific pile of poo with that annoying overly made down builder. This second failure surely deserves heads on a block !

  11. Brent Heatley
    29 Aug 12
    12:24 pm

  12. One crook strategy. If you’re throwing big bucks at sports celebs, don’t you at least want to get pulses pumping and stronger brand ties happening by using hot action footage of what they’re best at? Keeping Torah to camera for virtually the whole duration just kills the audience engagement potential and makes her look about as appetising as the washed-out product shot. And don’t get me started on her vocal sincerity ..