ACMA improves closed captioning with Television Captioning Quality Standard

ACMA CaptionsThe Australian Communications and Media Authority has today revealed codes that govern closed captioning for television as well as a series of videos featuring both captions and Australian signers explaining what the new code means.

The Television Captioning Quality Standard sets rules about the quality of captions for television services requiring them to be readable, accurate and comprehensible.

The informational videos have been released on the ACMA website and explain how to report or complain about any associated television broadcast captioning issues.

ACMA developed the TCQS last year, releasing the draft for public comment in December. The draft standard was developed following consultation with caption users, advocacy groups, the television industry and captioning providers.

Chris Chapman, the ACMA chairman, said: “The Australian Communications and Media Authority recognises the fundamental value of captioning in ensuring television services are accessible to all Australians.

“Given the important role that captioning has in contributing to social equity, we have consulted with both caption users and industry to develop a standard that will provide television viewers with meaningful captions.”

The Television Captioning Standard and the captioning videos are available on the ACMA website.



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