Dr Mumbo

Boom! Meet the racist, unfunny, Woo Girls of Samsung. Selfie!

It’s probably for the best that Dr Mumbo doesn’t know for sure which ad agency is behind Samsung’s crime against hipster stereotypes (although Leo Burnett are going to need to come up with an alibi sharpish, as they’re on the roster).

If you enjoyed hating Vodafone’s hateful hipsters, then you’ll adore pouring scorn and distain on this Galaxy S4-loving friendship group.

Remember that somewhere in Australia, a copywriter sat down and unironically typed phrases including:

“What if it’s Bono wanting his sunglasses back?”

“Time to lose that little junior burger phone.”

“Juice me up, bro”

And “Boom”.

And characters who are casually racist. The weird dancing foreign girl wants a visa apparently:

And the girls behave think they’re in an episode of How I Met Your Mother. (Selfie!”)

And the client bought it.



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