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Crass marketing tactics courtesy of Hired.com.au

hired 2Fairfax is a company that has seen more than its fair share of redundancies in recent years, and we’ve learned this week there’s another round of cuts coming spelling likely redundancies in New Zealand and a major restructure of its national newsroom operations.

Which is probably why the people from California-based recruitment business Hired.com.au thought it would be a great idea to stand outside Fairfax’s Pyrmont HQ handing out flyers on how to get a new job.


On the one hand someone is probably patting themselves on the back for thinking up such targeted marketing.

On the other it’s highly unlikely anyone eventually made redundant will be flocking to the service, given it was being described by many Fairfax journos as “poor taste”.

Hired’s flyer highlights: “We believe recruiting should be transparent, unbiased and controlled by the talent. Hired will help you find and compare offers and make getting hired suck less.”

It’s a very reassuring message to be sending to a workforce getting increasingly fed up of waiting to see if they will be the recipients of the next tap on the shoulder from HR.

Update 1pm: 

A spokeswoman for Hired said: “Hired recently soft launched in Australia and as part of that effort, we’ve been hitting the streets to get the word out about our mission, which is to help the world’s knowledge workers get jobs they love.

“We were in the Pyrmont area to share information about Hired with developers, many of whom work in the neighborhood. The fact that we were near the Fairfax building on the day of the redundancies was pure coincidence, though we hope to help journalists and other individuals affected by layoffs find new roles in the future.”

The full flyer being handed out this morning: hired 2



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