Louder than Words creates campaign for Sir Walter Lawns

A series of comic TV commercials for Sir Walter lawns have been created by production company Louder than Words.

In the ads an overweight man jogging down the street is dazzled by a lawn he passes and stops to enjoy the feel of the grass.

In the 30 second TVC he lays down on the grass and interrupted by the homeowner who stands over him and asks if he can help. The relaxing jogger replies: “This has got to be Sir Walter.” The ad closes with the tagline: “Sir Walter Buffalo lawn, Australia’s number one.”

There is also a 15 second version of the ad, as well as two more 15 second ads that show the passing jogger stop and remove his running shoe to feel the grass between his toes and lie down to take a photo of himself on the lawn.

“When the guys at Louder Than Words pitched the concept to us we knew it was a winner right away,” said Sir Walter managing director Gavin Rogers.

“We kept them on a pretty tight budget, but they did a sensational job and we’re delighted with the ads.”

He added: “Sir Walter is a premium lawn product, but as a brand we try not to take ourselves too seriously. These new ads continue that theme, with our hero character so overwhelmed by finding a Sir Walter lawn that he completely forgets himself.”

Rogers said TV has long been a part of Sir Walter Lawns sustained marketing strategy and sales have increased by 10 per cent over the past 12 months.

Production company Louder than Words was established in 2002 and is experienced in corporate, web and low-budget TVC work. It’s in-house staff of nine have been working on medium budget TVCs over last 18 months. Louder than Words also launched sister company Production Cafe last year.



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