Morning Update: Ellen ditched personal iPhone for Oscars selfie; Google Play celebrates movies in Oscars spot

This is our Morning Update, rounding up international media and marketing news from while you were sleeping.


Mashable: Ellen’s Using an iPhone Backstage, Not the ‘Samsung Selfie’ Phone

“Ellen’s been on her phone quite a bit tonight, particularly for a selfie that was taken with a big group of A-listers.

The image, which she encouraged to be retweeted, gave her Samsung phone a nice bit of screen time. But it looks like she’s on an iPhone for her personal account.”

The Guardian: Rebekah Brooks warned Coulson NI inquiry found ‘incriminating evidence’

“Rebekah Brooks warned Andy Coulson that News International’s inquiry into phone-hacking had uncovered “pretty incriminating evidence” days before he resigned as David Cameron’s communications director, the Old Bailey has heard.”

The New York Times: Tiny Digital Publisher to Put Newsweek Back in Print

“The Graham family, longtime newspaper publishers, gave up and sold it for a dollar. The media mogul Barry Diller spent tens of millions trying to revive it, only to throw in the towel. Even Mr. Diller’s star editor, Tina Brown, could not stop it from going out of print.

But where giants failed, IBT Media, a small digital publishing company, sees a growth path forNewsweek, the struggling newsweekly magazine it bought for a pittance last summer.”

selsun-blue-hed-2014AdWeek: Endless Winter Isn’t So Bad If You’re Doing Outdoor Ads for Dandruff Shampoo

“Montreal agency lg2 found a goofy but practical use for all the snow this winter—it made it look like dandruff gone berkserk on outdoor ads for Selsun Blue. Pity the fool who had shoveling duty on this project, though.

“Dandruff flakes typically occur in winter,” the agency says, “due to the use of heating sources such as electricity. Selsun Blue and lg2 thus decided to launch an offensive at a time when people are most in need of dandruff-fighting shampoo.””

Creativity-Online: Google Play Salutes the ‘Year in Movies’ in Oscars Spot

“Google Play’s Oscars spot from Sunday night pays tribute to films and the people behind them. “Tonight” is about the heroes, anti-heroes and real heroes that make movie magic possible, and features scenes from some of the best and biggest flicks (all of which, of course, are available on Google Play.)”



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