Dr Mumbo

Trent Dalton’s viral video: Invisible like bacteria

Journalists these days have to do things their forebears perhaps didn’t. Like this:

The video “Dracula Dracula Dines In Food Court, Politely Asks to Bite Man’s Neck” features The Australian’s Trent Dalton.

Inexplicably, Dr Mumbo initially missed the article in The Weekend Australian Magazine of a fortnight ago, when Dalton wrote a piece on how to become an instant celebrity.

His attempt at celebrity was to shoot the video in the hopes it would go viral.

At the time of posting, Dr Mumbo notes the video has had 225 views.

Fortunately, that’s not all. Dalton also wrote an ode to Spray n Wipe ad star Paula Duncan (best lines: “You don’t know me now I hear ya; To you I’m invisible like bacteria”.

Trent is, Dr Mumbo is sure readers will agree, one of a kind.



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