Kojo produces computer-generated automotive ‘first’ for Mazda

KOJO - MAZDA 3Brand storytelling agency Kojo has produced computer-generated automative content for the Mazda 2, which it says is “challenging – and redefining – the way automotive content is produced”.

Kojo’s CEO Dale Roberts said in a statement: “Taking a proactive approach, Kojo found a new way to produce high-quality car sequences quickly and cost-effectively for Melbourne agency CHE Proximity and their client Mazda.

“Kojo successfully created photo-realistic automotive CGI, added simulated driving, and seamlessly composited it into live action backgrounds.”

Roberts said automotive commercials traditionally required large film crews and incurred high travel costs.

“They are often faced with expensive re-shoots or fix ups as soon as a different car, model type or colour is needed,” he said.

“There is also no way of changing the choreography of the cars or the art direction of how they look after the shoot.”

Mazda’s agency CHE Proximity provided Kojo with a high-resolution CAD model of the Mazda 2, which was put through Kojo’s Visual FX pipeline, then 3D cameras tracked the original live action footage and computer-generated cars were added, animated, lit and rendered to fit into the environment.

“Showcasing CHE Proximity’s client, Kojo has created a new way for creative agencies and their clients to use any vehicles in any setting, and at any time of year, with full creative and technical control. The end result is stunningly high-quality but also cost effective and fully changeable,” said Roberts.


  1. 2008
    12 Dec 13
    2:00 pm

  2. Meanwhile, guys like Rotor Studios have been doing this since 2008.

  3. Babak
    12 Dec 13
    4:05 pm

  4. Nice work but its not exactly new or groundbreaking been doing this stuff for a better part of a decade!

  5. 2000 and earlier
    12 Dec 13
    5:23 pm

  6. Probably best to look at the specialists RTT…they have had the auto market sewn up for years. http://www.rtt.ag/en/work/customers/

  7. Babak
    12 Dec 13
    6:15 pm

  8. RTT actually just got acquired by a giant french software company actually so who knows if they will keep doing production work in the future.

  9. Allen
    13 Dec 13
    3:35 pm

  10. Great initiative by kojo, to get improved automotive technology.