Sunrise claims Aussie live TV first with skydiving Grant Denyer stunt

Seven’s Sunrise is claiming an Australian TV first with weatherman Grant Denyer after he made a live parachute jump during this morning’s program and read the forecast on the way down.

A spokesman for Seven said: “Skydiving is no easy feat.. but to do it live on television is incredible. From a technical point of view this was an extraordinary effort. It took a team of six Sunrise crew weeks of planning to pull this off and a full day of testing yesterday. The timings had to be exact and the satellites had to pick up the signals. Three cameras were involved – one strapped to Grant’s wrist, one strapped to another skydiver and one on the ground.

“What made this stunt so impressive is that Grant had audio the whole time and was able to talk with Kochie and Mel in the studio. He was able to read the weather forecast as he floated back to earth.”

The stunt is not a world first. In 2008 Honda broadcast a live ad on Channel 4 in the UK in which a group of skydivers spelt out the letters of the brand’s name in sequence.

Denyer also holds the world record for putting on the most items of underwear in less than 60 seconds.


  1. Nathan
    3 Apr 12
    1:51 pm

  2. Wow. Riveting stuff.

  3. Lucio
    3 Apr 12
    4:10 pm

  4. Care factor = zero.

  5. Pete..Just interested
    3 Apr 12
    5:05 pm

  6. I ask myself why don’t they get a regular size guy to do the weather. That way the little wander would not have to shout all the time.

  7. Pive Clalmer
    3 Apr 12
    5:20 pm

  8. I reckon he could do it under water as well.

  9. Jack B. Nimble
    3 Apr 12
    8:06 pm

  10. Oh FFS, is this what passes for innovation on Sunrise these days?

  11. geoff
    4 Apr 12
    8:35 am

  12. A new high in breakfast television……..