Vegemite 2.0: Now it’s Cheesybite

Kraft has unveiled its second attempt at naming its new spin-off from Vegemite after its disastrous launch of iSnack 2.0. It is Cheesybite.

After widespread public derision at the iSnack 2.0 name, chosen from a public competition, Kraft caved in last week and said it would change the name.

The public were given seven options: Cheesybite, Creamymate, Smooth, Snackmate, Vegemate, Vegemild or none of these.

Cheesybite voteIn a press release this morning, the company said that 36% of those who had voted for one of the name options had gone for Cheesybite. This was followed by 23% for Vegemite Smooth.

However, the results released by Kraft excluded all of those who said they did not like any of the names, which was one of the original voting options.

The company said that 30,357 expressed a name preference. Cheesybite had 36% followed by Smooth 23%; Vegemate 20%; Snackmate 8%; Vegemild 7%; Creamymate 6%.

A spokesman for Kraft told Mumbrella they did not know how many of those taking part in the vote had said they did not like any of the names, but promised to have somebody call back.

(Updateabout 10,000 people did not choose any of the six names)


  1. Aaron
    7 Oct 09
    9:20 am

  2. As fast as the hype reached all corners of national media, it’s just another story now. Nobody reads yesterday’s news.

  3. Andrew P
    7 Oct 09
    9:22 am

  4. What a cheezy name…

    7 Oct 09
    9:24 am

  6. If Baker’s Delight were Apple they would have sued by now over similarity to Cheesymite :) Which of course they partly stole off Kraft.

  7. Rachael Lonergan
    7 Oct 09
    9:26 am

  8. Regardless of the name, I’m sticking to the analogue version.

  9. Svasti
    7 Oct 09
    9:28 am

  10. And the lameness just keeps on coming!

  11. Fleur
    7 Oct 09
    9:38 am

  12. More Krafty-ness…

  13. Nic Halley
    7 Oct 09
    9:48 am

  14. in the words of Fr Jack – arse

  15. Salina Roo
    7 Oct 09
    10:00 am

  16. “Krafts Fleas and Mites” has a nice ring to it x x x

  17. Justin Polites
    7 Oct 09
    10:15 am

  18. pls KRAFT package as cheesyByte

  19. Adam Paull
    7 Oct 09
    10:40 am

  20. I can’t believe it’s not better…

  21. indiancurry
    7 Oct 09
    10:43 am

  22. And so the saga continues into the sequel ….

  23. Angus
    7 Oct 09
    11:02 am

  24. I voted and can hand on heart say it was the most appalling voting system I’ve ever used. It felt like something made on a Commodore 64, and had more steps than the Eiffel Tower.

  25. C K Cash
    7 Oct 09
    3:19 pm

  26. All those names including the new one are pretty average…and it does not take away the fact that the spread tastes like crap.

    Stick to the original black stuff called Vegemite!

  27. Renna
    7 Oct 09
    3:22 pm

  28. And it still doesn’t change the fact that what’s in the jar is horrific.

    *yawn* next.

  29. sven
    7 Oct 09
    3:47 pm

  30. what’s with people worried what it tastes like, or bored with the ‘story’? you should all be applauding the clever tactic to give massive PR leverage to a modest ad-spend. if you’re marketing professionals, that is.

  31. Dave
    7 Oct 09
    3:53 pm

  32. Yes but does it play DVDs?

  33. Kevin
    7 Oct 09
    4:00 pm

  34. Great Kraft. You know you’re on a winner when 1 in 4 people think all the names suck and based on the numbers above the ‘none of above response’ was only 2% behind the winning name.

  35. Kevin
    7 Oct 09
    4:03 pm

  36. If the ‘around 10,000 people did not choose any of the 6 names is correct and not just (say) ‘slightly higher’ then the results Kraft supplied including the dissenters looks like this:
    Cheesybite 27%
    Smooth 17%
    Vegemate 15%
    Snackmate 6%
    Vegemild 5%
    Creamymate 5%
    Not exactly lovingly embraced.

  37. Big Gary
    7 Oct 09
    4:10 pm

  38. What does Lynton think?

  39. Rachel
    7 Oct 09
    4:13 pm

  40. Who were the public being asked to vote I wonder? No-one asked me my opinion. Shouldn’t a public poll be open to everyone?

  41. BB
    7 Oct 09
    4:49 pm

  42. Oh, I’m all for ‘creamymate’. Why didn’t anyone vote for that?

  43. AW
    7 Oct 09
    6:01 pm

  44. @ Rachel

    The people that entered a name in the comp were contacted to choose the new name.

    i.e. – me!

  45. sven
    7 Oct 09
    6:35 pm

  46. i still don’t understand why people think the name really matters that much anyway. Names dont make or break a product. They only help or hinder. Does anyone think Vegemite is a great name?

  47. John Grono
    7 Oct 09
    6:47 pm

  48. So, Cheesybites it is. Despite more people NOT voting for that name than did.

    Oddly, I just noticed that an anagram of Cheesybites is …. YEESSS BITCH! Could this be another scam in the making?

  49. John Grono
    7 Oct 09
    6:48 pm

  50. Oopps … make that YEEESS BITCH … but you get my drift!

  51. SimonB
    7 Oct 09
    11:59 pm

  52. So, does anyone think it’s surprising that Kraft left out the ‘None of the above’ option from their press release? Imagine if they hadn’t, what the TV news would have led with….

  53. Cee
    8 Oct 09
    12:41 pm

  54. Have we moved on?

  55. Lauren
    8 Oct 09
    6:06 pm

  56. The name Cheesy Vegemite would appeal to me with a label that differs enough from the original so that I don’t pick up the wrong one.

  57. Pat Nathan
    8 Oct 09
    6:17 pm

  58. This is the stupidest name ever. How Australians decided on such an idiotic name I’ll never know.

  59. Isaac
    8 Oct 09
    6:31 pm

  60. @Rachel – 4:13 pm – The vote was open on the vegemite website

  61. Ange
    10 Oct 09
    3:40 pm

  62. How funny! Why would you want to buy this product anyway…?
    Why don’t you just buy a jar of original Vegemite and some Philly spread and make your own….that way you get to choose your ratio of Vege to Philly .. makes more sense to me….

  63. Rascally
    10 Oct 09
    5:39 pm

  64. There’s plenty of iSnack 2.0 and ‘name me’ on the shelves of Coles just now. I resisted the urge to buy a jar to show the grandkids.

  65. dylan
    17 Oct 09
    5:46 pm

  66. i love it


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