Carsguide launches petrol price finder app

Carsguide has launched a mobile phone petrol price finder: carsguide.mobi.

The announcement:

As Australians feel hip-pocket pain with rising petrol prices and many get ready to fill up for the Easter break, Carsguide today launched a mobile phone petrol price finder to help drivers save money.

To use the free service, simply visit carsguide.mobi on your mobile, enter your fuel type and postcode and you will see a list of prices at service stations in your area, along with a map of where they are located.

For smart phones with built in GPS, the site will find where you are and show you cheap petrol around you.

The launch comes as data released by the Australian Institute of Petroleum shows the average household is spending an additional $36 per month on petrol compared with seven months ago.

Publisher of Carsguide, Sue Klose, said the mobile price finder empowered consumers with choice and enabled them to save on rising petrol prices by showing them where the best deals are located.

“We’re all feeling the impacts of the rising petrol price and are on the look-out for the best day and time to fill up. Carsguide’s mobile petrol price finder gives drivers the ability to get the best price quickly and easily via their mobile phone.”

“Carsguide is committed to giving drivers the best automotive news, information and tools available to make their driving life easier. The launch of carsguide.mobi is part of this commitment and we believe it will be a very useful tool for saving drivers’ money.”

“So don’t pay top dollar for petrol over this Easter break. Visit carsguide.mobi and get the best price when you next fill up,” Ms Klose said.

Prices are provided by MotorMouth and collected from selected locations 13 times a week.

Drivers can also access the petrol price finder offering online at www.carsguide.com.au/petrol, as well as a weekly table tracking the average petrol prices around the country and information on fuel consumption and emissions of vehicles.
Carsguide also recommends drivers do the following to save fuel costs:

1. Ensure your car is tuned and serviced regularly.
2. Reduce your speed. Driving more slowly reduces fuel consumption. In fact, travelling at 110kph uses up to 25% more fuel than cruising at 90kph. For city driving, 60km/h is the most fuel efficient speed.
3. Drive smoothly. Avoid hard accelerating and heavy braking as it uses up a lot more fuel.
4. Travel lightly and remove unnecessary items from your car to reduce weight
5. Make sure your tyres are inflated to the correct pressure, as soft tyres cause higher fuel consumption.
6. Avoid filling up past the first click of the fuel nozzle – going past means that fuel can be lost through the overflow pipe when you accelerate or go around corners.
7. Consider how much you use your air conditioner – it can use up to 10% extra fuel.
8. Avoid peak-hour. If traffic is stationary, switch off the engine, even if you stop for a short time. Idling wastes fuel
9. Car-pool wherever possible



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