Dr Mumbo

Phil Gardner to Sydney? Surely not…

Like most people Dr Mumbo only had one thing in mind when he got out of bed this morning. To immediately buy a souvenir copy of the last broadsheet weekday copy of the Sydney Morning Herald. And no doubt the same was going on with The Age in Melbourne too.

Fair to say, that this is the most exciting newspaper war in years as Fairfax gets its act together and News Limited tries to spoil it.

And the rumours out of the two camps are becoming more interesting by the minute. Now Dr Mumbo hears strong suggestions out of the HWT building in Melbourne that Herald Weekly Times editor-in-chief Phil Gardner is set to move to Sydney.

Could it be to work with The Daily Telegraph ahead of its implementation of the paywall?

A News Limited spokesman tells Dr Mumbo: “Phil is not going to work for The Daily Telegraph.”

When asked if one of Melbourne’s most senior media executives is bound for a role at the Holt St bunker in Sydney the spokesman became much more coy.” We’re not ready to confirm or deny anything at this stage,” he said.

After 27 years in Melbourne, if Gardner does make the move, it will be seismic indeed.



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