Dr Mumbo

Who got the ‘scoop’?

Seven News interviewThe rivalry between Channel Seven and Channel Nine is legendary.

And Dr Mumbo was amused to see both TV networks last night claiming exclusive interviews with Jamie Jackson, the teenager whose arrest at Saturday’s Mardi Gras has become a international news story.

Seven News showed an interview with Jackson in last night’s news bulletin but surprisingly there was no follow up with Today Tonight.

Instead, come 6.30pm Jackson was on rival current affairs show A Current Affair being interviewed by Tracy Grimshaw (even if he did get her name wrong).

ACA interviewDr Mumbo hears that Seven had Jackson holed up in a hotel in the city at lunchtime. And then something happened.

If half of what Dr Mumbo has heard is true, the story of what exactly happened between lunch and dinner for the teenager to suddenly end up on a rival network is one crying out to be told.

Nine has thus far declined to share it…

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